Use your DIY skills and help us decorate our Airbnb in Cyprus.


We need help with DIY, painting, and decorating at our Airbnb accommodation which is a 5-minute drive from our farm. We need to scrape walls where the plaster has come loose due to rising damp and a leak in the roof which has already been repaired. Scraped areas need to be filled with filler and sanded smooth and then painted. There are also railings that need to be sanded, rust treated, and painted. Various DIY and cleaning tasks need doing!

Como você ajuda

25 horas por semana

Pintura e Decoração: Ajude a pintar ou redecorar espaços internos e externos.

Consertos Gerais: Ajude em reparos, manutenção ou a construir.

O que você recebe

2 dias livres por semana

Camping: Uma barraca confortável para dormir sob um céu estrelado.

Café da manhã: Você ganha café da manhã gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Almoço: Você ganha almoço gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Jantar: Você ganha jantar gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Lavanderia gratuita: Você pode usar nossa lavanderia gratuitamente.

Bicicletas à vontade: Use nossas bikes à vontade, quando quiser.

Use nossa cozinha equipada: Fique à vontade para usar nossa cozinha para cozinhar sua própria comida.


Inglês Iniciante

Tem que ter pelo menos 18 anos

Recebe voluntários sozinhos (não aceita casal ou duplas)

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


Due to the fact that some tasks have a learning curve and to help with continuity, we ask that volunteers commit to at least a two-week stay. We also find it takes at least two weeks for volunteers to become fully integrated into our family. We enjoy building up longer term relationships with our volunteers and have a high rate of volunteers who return to stay with us a second time or more. However, we are usually very open-ended and if your stay is not working out for us both, you are welcome to move on and if you love it and we find you're making a valuable contribution there is the possibility to extend your stay subject to the availability of accommodation. We have volunteers staying for up to three months. For this job you can stay at the farm with the other volunteers or you can choose to stay in the house that you will be decorating.

Atividades & Turnos

During the summer months we start work at 07.00 and work until 10.00. Then we have a 30 minute break. Many volunteers don't like eating early so they have their breakfast at this time. We do a 2nd shift from 11.30 until 12.30. After this your time is your own and you can go to the beach, go sight seeing or just have a lazy afternoon on the farm. Weekends are off.
In winter we start at 08.00 and finish at 13.30.


WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRUGS AND DRUNKENNESS. In the past we have allowed people to consume alcohol in moderation at the farm but unfortunately we've had one too many situation where guests have consumed too much alcohol on or off the premises and we've had to deal with everything from aggressive, threatening and argumentative behavior to dangerous behavior like setting the place on fire while trying to fry food on the gas while drunk. So we will not allow alcohol on the premises in future and anyone returning to the farm intoxicated after drinking too much elsewhere will be asked to leave the farm - no second chances.