Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer

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A experiência

Turtle Nesting Season (June-December): - Making nightly patrols in search of nesting turtles, collecting data, and transporting the eggs safely to the turtle hatchery - Keeping the turtle hatchery in order, keeping safe from predators and poaching - Conducting turtle liberations Engagement at the campsite: - Helping with communal tasks (ie: household chores like cooking, cleaning, organizing) - Beach cleanups - Social media / Marketing

Como você ajuda

24 horas por semana

Consertos Gerais: Ajude em reparos, manutenção ou a construir.

Cuidado de Animais: Ajude a cuidar do bem-estar e saúde de animais.

Ajuda em Cultivos e Colheitas: Plante, semeie e ajude em tarefas do campo.

Jardinagem: Ajude a plantar, regar e cultivar jardins.

O que você ganha

1 dia livre por semana

Quarto compartilhado: Você terá uma cama em um quarto compartilhado, ou seja, irá dividir o quarto com outras pessoas.

Café da manhã: Você ganha café da manhã gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Almoço: Você ganha almoço gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Jantar: Você ganha jantar gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.

Descontos em tours: Ganhe descontos em tours ou passeios pela cidade.

Lavanderia gratuita: Você pode usar nossa lavanderia gratuitamente.

Trilhas de graça: Te levamos para fazer excursões e trilhas pela cidade. De graça!

Use nossa cozinha equipada: Fique à vontade para usar nossa cozinha para cozinhar sua própria comida.


Inglês Intermediário ou Espanhol Intermediário

Entre 18 e 40 anos

Recebe voluntários sozinhos, casais e duplas de voluntários

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


We are a conservation project that has a genuine interest in connecting people to nature, to feel a sense of empowerment in making a difference in the conservation of our beautiful Earth and the animals that need our help.

As a volunteer, you will be involved in the night patrols searching for nesting turtles, and safely transport the eggs to the hatchery. You will benefit by getting hands on experience with the marine turtles that nest on our beach (tortuga Lora, tortuga Carey, and sometimes tortuga Verde). We have an off-site Biologist that visits the project weekly to give talks and answer any questions.

You will get to experience all that we are surrounded by, which is a protected wildlife zone on the edge of Corcovado Park - one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

Atividades & Turnos

Night Patrols “Patrulla”
Depending on the tide, approximately between the hours of:
Shift #1 ~ 8:00pm - 12:00am
Shift #2 ~ 12:00am - 4:00am
Night patrols offer volunteers the opportunity to meet endangered sea turtles face to face and protect their eggs from being stolen or predated. These patrols are directed either by local Patrol Leaders or by coordinators or research assistants and usually last for four hours. Each patrol consists of at least two people who work a part of the beach, to locate turtles that nest and mark them either while they are laying eggs or immediately afterwards. The biometric data are collected in order to control the distribution and frequency of nests on the beach, the number of eggs laid in each nest, and the size and condition of each turtle found.


No alcohol/drugs are allowed on site and intoxication on premise is prohibited. There will be special nights (goodbye celebrations, birthdays, etc.) where we can order beer or wine for those who wish to drink a little bit, but for the majority we are a substance-free camp.
The work commitment is 4 hours during the night (patrols), and 2 hours during the day.
Positive participation is expected with: volunteer work, communal tasks: helping to cook, clean and keep the house clean and organized.
Lights off in rooms/house, and quiet at 9pm - 7am
Romantic relationships with locals is prohibited, as this causes a conflict of interest.