Hello Mr(s). Handyman!

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We would like help from someone who can build things, like furniture, using wood or other similar materials. If you know how to paint walls (or is willing to learn), this is the place for you. You would also help us in our garden, planting flowers and taking good care of it.

Como você vai ajudar

30 horas por semana

Pintar & Decorar: Ajude a manter a beleza interna e externa do lugar.

Consertar & Construir: Dê uma mão com qualquer tipo de reparo.


3 dias livres por semana

Quarto compartilhado: Conheça uma galera ficando em um quarto compartilhado.

Café da manhã: Você ganha um café da manhã daqueles pra começar o dia.

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


Handymen may be required to perform many different tasks In the hostel , maintenance is a major duty forl handymen, Painting, wood job, projects, painting a wall or repairing faulty plumbing
Handymen can help fix troubles, small electrical problems, and many other things in need of repair

Atividades & Turnos

It says 5h shifts, but we all know there will be days that you need to do way more, or less. Our proposal is that if you really execute an amazing job and work more than that, we can negotiate to pay you for the day.


Respect for others - Behaviour, Rules & Regulations - Accommodation and the Hostel