Help us take care of our home in Chapada dos Veadeiros

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We need somebody who likes to keep the environments harmonized. Who cares with love of our main house and also the rooms we have. This job includes general cleaning, room preparation and kitchen help. But as the workflow and demand grows, it will be necessary for the person to help in other jobs.


6 horas por dia

Ajudante de cozinha: Ajude a preparar e servir refeições.

Cuidar & Arrumar: Troque as roupas de camas e deixe o ambiente delícia.

Recepção: Ajude recebendo e atendendo hóspedes.

Ajuda na limpeza: Ajude a limpar cozinhas, quartos, banheiros e outros espaços.


1 dia livre por semana

Quarto compartilhado: Conheça uma galera ficando em um quarto compartilhado.

Café da manhã: Você ganha um café da manhã daqueles pra começar o dia.

Almoço: Você ganha um almoço delícia diariamente.

Jantar: Você ganha um jantar preparado com amor diariamente.

Cozinhar a própria comida: Fique à vontade para usar nossa cozinha.

Lavanderia gratuita: A lavanderia é por nossa conta.

Carona na chegada: Te buscamos e damos uma caroninha até aqui.

Terapias holísticas: Participe de atividades de meditação e autoconhecimento.


Inglês Intermediário ou Espanhol Intermediário

Entre 20 e 70 anos

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


We are looking for volunteers for a minimum of 4 weeks, preferably 8 weeks or more. In the best case scenario, the volunteer with permacultural background would commit to 3 months and become part of our core group for a longer-term experience. If you don't want to make long term commitments right now, you can decide to extend your stay while you are here, just let us know if this possibility exists.

Presently, because of the high costs, we can take on volunteers with exchange for ACCOMMODATION ONLY, EACH PERSON BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN FOOD COSTS, which average approximately 40 or 80 Brazilian reais on weekly groceries shopping, that happen every Saturday. If you want to stay longer, we can arrange the exchange to include food.

You would be living in a shared bamboo room or in a tent. Sometimes, we can let you experience a treehouse or a separate room when not in use.

Atividades & Turnos

The activities consist on helping with the general running of the place, which include cleaning, maintenance, preparing the space to receive guests, caring for the gardens, organic vegetable patches, agroforestry, planting, helping with eco-building, recycling, painting and creative projects, whilst learning about permaculture and a more sustainable way of life in the country-side. This particular position has its focus on the gardening aspect of the project.

The work routine is 5 hours a day, 6 days a week, having Sunday as a day off.


We are looking for someone who is proactive and lively and can head the gardening projects working together with less experienced volunteers. It would need to be someone with practical experience in planting organic vegetables and other kinds of plants, within a permacultural background.