Green Vegan Oasis Tulum

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We are creating a green oasis, growing fruit trees, palm trees, herbs and veggies in a permaculture way, inside a small city which is in fast development. Our spot is 2900m2 small. And we have several buildings and infrastructure to continue developing. An area where no one smokes tobacco or drinks alcohol. Each volunteer is responsible for their own safety. We are not responsible for accidents, robberies or diseases.

Como você vai ajudar

25 horas por semana

Pintar & Decorar: Ajude a manter a beleza interna e externa do lugar.

Consertar & Construir: Dê uma mão com qualquer tipo de reparo.

Jardinagem: Ajude a plantar, regar e cultivar.


2 dias livres por semana

Quarto da equipe: Você faz parte do time! Conheça a galera ficando junto deles.

Camping: Uma barraca confortável para dormir sob um céu estrelado.

Café da manhã: Você ganha um café da manhã daqueles pra começar o dia.

Almoço: Você ganha um almoço delícia diariamente.

Cozinhar a própria comida: Fique à vontade para usar nossa cozinha.

Certificado: Ganhe um certificado de conclusão quando for embora.


Alemão Intermediário ou Inglês Intermediário

Tem que ter pelo menos 19 anos

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


Some of the projects are:

-Still building a house in a most ecologic way for a multi useable space, doing also wooden furnitures (out of pallet wood).
-Raised beds for planting medicinal plants and veggies.
-Water canalisation works.
-Works with electric cables.
-Manoeuvres with materials made for exterior maintenance, like varnish, paint, pvc glue...
-Activities related to interfaces design, user experiences, programming or similars.

We are looking for supportive, creative, conscious, good vibed people with proper initiatives.
It would be awesome if you bring with you some skills and experiences for the projects that we mentioned. (cementing, working with pallet wood for furnitures, electrician, plumbing, gardening,...)

Creative people, aware, with good vibes, with initiative and commitment are welcome!

Atividades & Turnos

Labor days are 6- Hours per day (5 to 6), five (5) days per week. On weekend is free time for everybody.
Depending of our activities, it can also happen that we will provide food for the whole day and you prepare your meals by yourself. In case we have lots of time available, we provide two (2) meals per day from Monday to Friday. Dinner you prepare mostly for your self and depending on your efficiency, we give you the ingredients. On weekend is free time for everybody. So we do not provide food on Saturday and Sunday.


We prefer to host people who are not allergic to the sun, who like to be at sea, who like to read and maybe who like to create graphics or programming on their own devices during their free time.
If you are a night living person (partying), as a woman using tampons or other one-way intime products, you’re not aware when you go shopping and take with you plastic bags and all kind of packaged products, that’s for sure not the right place for you!
Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted in our place.
We don't host people who like nightlife. Coming home after 11 pm is not appreciated.
Bringing your own natural and biodegradable repellents would not hurt. Soap, toothpaste, shampoo you bring needs to be biodegradable. And the containers need to be recyclable or taken with you when it’s empty, as we don’t make trash.
We like cleanness and healthy living!