Volunteering at Monkey Sanctuary!


Along with creating a unique home for the animals at Proyecto Caraya, we have built an environment that allows volunteers to live on-site and get a rare hands-on experience helping us care for the animals. Whether you are a post-doctoral student or simply someone with a passion for animals, we would love to meet you and get you involved in everyday life at the sanctuary.

Como você vai ajudar

8 horas por dia

Consertar & Construir: Dê uma mão com qualquer tipo de reparo.

Jardinagem: Ajude a plantar, regar e cultivar.

Cuidar de animais: Perfeito para viajantes dispostos a cuidar do bem-estar dos animais

Trabalho social: Ajude comunidades locais.


1 dia livre por semana

Quarto compartilhado: Conheça uma galera ficando em um quarto compartilhado.

Café da manhã: Você ganha um café da manhã daqueles pra começar o dia.

Almoço: Você ganha um almoço delícia diariamente.

Jantar: Você ganha um jantar preparado com amor diariamente.

Descontos em tours: Te levamos para conhecer as verdadeiras atrações!

Certificado: Ganhe um certificado de conclusão quando for embora.


Inglês Iniciante ou Espanhol Iniciante

Tem que ter pelo menos 18 anos

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto


Ø Feeding and care of the monkeys Ø Observation, study and data input of the free social groups Ø Attention and care of the orphan monkeys Ø Cleaning and maintenance of the areas in the centre Ø Construction and repairs to the refuges and airways Ø Assisting in the capture and handling of the monkeys Ø Washing the monkey plates Ø Cleaning of the volunteer’s dormitories and toilets
Ø Care of other animals: beside the monkeys, there are also a number of domestic and other wild animals that we care for: dogs, cats, geese, horses, llamas, donkeys, sheep, ducks, and chickens. Ø Working with tourist

Ø Love for animals and the desire to protect them. Ø To possess no fear of animals, especially not of dogs, because there are plenty! Ø It’s not necessary to be a
to be a university or high school student. Ø Patience and dedication are require

Atividades & Turnos

The work at the centre takes place during the whole year , every day of the week. Caring for primates is from 9am to 6-8pm, more or less.

Time off can be arranged depending on the number of volunteers with the volunteer coordinator in advance. Days off and half days off can be taken only one volunteer at the time (if it during working hours). After working hours you can go to town whenever you want to, alone or with other volunteers


Ø Over 18 years old ØMandatory vaccinations are required: tetanus and rabies Ø Have good health and an average physical condition, because the work includes a lot of walking and carrying food. If you already had severe problems with your back before, the volunteer work in the centre is not recommendable for you.
Ø Pay the corresponding fee
2 week = 700 USD for person / 3 week = 900 USD for person / 1 month = 1000 USD for person /2 month = 1800 USD for person /3 month = 2000 USD for person
For a stay longer than 3 months, you can make special arrangements with the volunteer coordinator.
Centre offers
Ø Daily room and board. Food is prepared and served by the centre staff including breakfast and simple lunch and dinner. If you prefer to eat something that you particularly like, you can buy those things in town. Toilet and shower in an outhouse