• Idade: 32
  • Nacionalidade: Estados Unidos
  • Idiomas: Espanhol e Inglês

Hi all! Travel & personal development have always been a passion of mine from when I was a little girl. After doing many solo trips, throughout my life, I'm so happy to now share this lifestyle with a partner who loves it just as much! Since March 2018 my sweetheart and I have been traveling the world as digital nomads and online entrepreneurs. As a love & relationship coach, I support ambitious women to open their hearts to love with joy & ease - and funnel the profits to support ocean conservation efforts. Learn more about our world travels on our blog here! www.vivitesomnia.com


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Experiências de vida


I have my bachelors degree in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Experiências profissionais

I worked for 4 years in the Solar Industry as the National Sales trainer for the company, then worked 2 years at UBER HQ in San Francisco as a People Development Specialist creating training programs for the 30,000 global employees on stress management, work life balance, interviewing, and coaching direct reports. I also have over 10 years of waitressing experience, and am a trained energy healer. I now work remotely as a love and relationship coach to help women find love :)

Experiências de viagem

I have been traveling around the world for most of my life. I studied abroad in Costa Rica for 3 months during college, took a 6 month backpacking trip throughout South East Asia and Australia after college, and now my boyfriend and I are traveling for the next 8 months throughout Europe :) I absolutely love meeting new people, connecting and learning about other's cultures, and supporting the community wherever I can.