• Idade: 33
  • Nacionalidade: Argentina
  • Idiomas: Italiano, Inglês e Espanhol

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Experiência na Espanha

Hostel Tarifa, Espanha May/2019

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Avaliação feita por Luciano

My experience in La Cocotera was simply...stunning ! I mean, I cannot ask more from a place. They treat me like family and I had so many nice moments. Marina and all the staff were incredible with me. Tasks were challenging and funny. Everything was made to think outside the box. And I loved it! Thanks to all the people in La Cocotera

Experiência na Espanha

Hostel Madrid, Espanha Feb/2019

Turno da Noite, Ajudante de Cozinha, Organizar Eventos e Festas e Tarefas Domésticas

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Luciano is a really easy going guy, always full of nice ideas, proactive and responsible. It was a pleasure to have him around!

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Avaliação feita por Luciano

My time in Hostel One was amazing. Such great people, such great staff. They made me feel at home since I arrived. They all helped me from the beginning with my tasks and even shared time with me while doing them. I made some videos and pictures for them and I enjoyed it so much. Laia and all the staff are the best !! Excellent place to volunteer at. I recommend it 100% :)

Experiência na Espanha

Hostel Sevilla, Espanha Jan/2019

Ajudante de Cozinha e Preparar Refeições

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Avaliação feita por Luciano

Hermosa experiencia en un hostel que, en pocos dias, se transformó en casa. Juliam y los chicos estuvieron siempre abiertos para hacerme sentir comodo y me trataron increible. Mucha libertad para hacer las tareas y siempre abiertos a recibir ideas Gran gran lugar

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Una Vuelta por el Universo

My name is Luciano, I am from Argentina and I ve been travelling for more than 6 years. I actually live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and my blog, Una Vuelta por el Universo, is the result of my journeys around the world. Come and travel with me!


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  • Italiano


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Experiências de vida


Well, I am a Computer Engineering. I have studied in Buenos Aires for 5 1/2 years (in Argentina it is a very difficult and long career ). I studied in the Argentinian Catholic University (UCA). I obtained my degree at the age of 24.

Before that, I went to High School of course. It was oriented to Technology and Communication.

In these years I have made courses about CISCO (Networking) and SAP (ABAP Programmer).

Experiências profissionais

I am a Computer Engineering, so I know a lot about computers and Internet. I can make web pages, mobile apps, Social Media, I know how to handle Microsoft Office and of course, much more.
I have volunteered as a Teacher in Buenos Aires, London, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Spain and Japan. I have also been a teacher in Argentina, teaching in High School subjects as Math, Physics and English.
I speak English in a perfect way. I also write it perfectly. I know a lot about Maths and Physics because of my background.
I speak also Spanish (native language) and Italian.

Experiências de viagem

I thinks I am quite an experienced traveller. I have been traveling since 2009. My first big trip was with my best friend, 45 days all around Europe, when I was 20 years old. After this trip, I discovered the magic of traveling and I just could not stop.

I have been in almost 40 countries. But my two best experiences were, definitely, the ones I lived between 2013 and 2015.

1) Two days after obtaining my degree in Computer Engineering, I took a plane to London, where I lived 6 months. It was a beautiful experience, where I have learned a lot. I could discover myself in a way I never imagined. I looked for a job there but I could not get one, so I returned to Argentina. In these 6 months, I travelled all around UK. I made a great trip around Wales, Scotland and England (25 days more or less). Just a train and a backpack. Really exciting! I love UK.

2) On July 2014 I went to a 30-days trip with my friends all around Europe again. After this trip, I came to Brienza (a small town in the south of Italy), where I am living nowadays and where I am writing these lines. My grand grand father was born here. It was excellent to know the place where my family was born. The town is very small, in the middle of the mountains, with a beautiful river and very charming people. In the meanwhile, I obtained my citizenship and Italian passport!

After that I ve been in all South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Spain... awwwww I love travelling !