A new way to travel:
Explore the world exchanging your skills for accommodation

Use your talents to help out hosts around the world. Experience their countries and cultures. Make an impact and get ready to learn new skills and languages along your travels.

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Skills for accommodation?


Sarah is from Russia. She wants to travel on a budget, meet new people and discover different cultures.


Sarah is great at taking pictures and wants to learn how to make cocktails, which is awesome!


Joey has a hostel in Brazil. He needs someone to take pictures and make drinks at the bar.


Through Worldpackers, Sarah helps Joey out in return for accommodation. Beautiful!

Why should I do it?

It's all about making travel more accessible and meaningful to everyone.

Meet new people

Experience a new lifestyle and connect with hosts, locals and other Worldpackers from all over.

Discover new cultures

Get to know another culture more profoundly living as a local and become more than a tourist.

Grow as you Travel

Learn new languages, improve your skills and take your CV to a whole new level.

Save Money

Whether it's for weeks or months, explore the places you've always dreamed of without paying for accommodation.

What do I receive?

No host is the same. Each of them offer different types of accommodations and benefits.

Welcoming Host

Stay at the best hostels, pousadas, farms or eco-villages around the world.


Sleep soundly in a dorm, staff or private room. Like your home away from home.

Days Off

You'll always have some free time to do whatever you want and enjoy your trip.


A hearty breakfast, a tasty lunch or a delicious dinner.

What's not included?

What do I need to offer?

Hosts have different positions with specific skill and language requirements.

Your Skills

From farming to web developing, whether you speak one language or several, use your skills to help out your host.

Your Time

Be a part of the staff and dedicate a few hours a day giving a hand to your host.

Your Passion

Be proactive and willing to learn. Make a positive impact on the people you meet, wherever you travel.

What skills can I use on my travels?

Here are the skills hosts are looking for help with around the world.