Roles and responsibilities of a traveling Worldpackers volunteer

In this video, Adam explains the most important roles and responsibilities of a Worldpackers volunteer, while giving general tips about how to become the perfect, engaged and committed volunteer.


Why should you watch this video?

For anyone wondering what your responsibility is as a Worldpacker, this video perfectly answers that question. 

Being a Worldpackers volunteer has lots of different components, from how you communicate with your host, to how you commit to your job, to how you engage with the community. This video highlights the most important tips to keep in mind while volunteering, and it provides insight into how you can best absorb everything about this incredible experience. 

This video is part of the Certificate “How To Be An Outstanding Worldpacker”.

What you'll learn in this video:

  • How to maintain smooth communication with your host, from your application process up to while you are actually volunteering
  • How to practice and show commitment to your job
  • The benefits of putting in extra effort in your job
  • Why you need to be proactive while volunteering
  • The importance of being engaged with the community
  • Why you have to be respectful and open-minded when experiencing a new culture and environment
  • How to really experience everything and put all your energy into soaking in a new, exciting way of life

This is video is perfect for:

  • First-time volunteers
  • Volunteers who want to make the most out of their international experience
  • Travelers looking for some guidance about volunteering
  • Travelers who really want to engage with local communities