Video Making for travelers - trailer

Want to learn how to travel while still working by making videos? Learn how to record, edit, and find your first client even if you’ve never picked up a camera before!


What you’ll learn:

  • The basic equipment you’ll need to shoot videos
  • Advice and ideas for recording travel videos
  • How to tell a story through your videos
  • Concepts for lighting, stabilization, and how to be creative
  • Apps and software for editing
  • How to edit and insert transitions using Final Cut Pro and its plugins
  • Adding cuts, corrections, transitions, and effects to your videos
  • How to put together your portfolio and find your next first job

This content is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to learn the basic concepts for shooting and editing videos
  • Already know how to make videos but want to improve
  • Want to produce creative content for your communication channels
  • Are looking for a way to become a professional and monetize your videos
  • Want to create more content about your travels
  • Are looking to have a nomadic lifestyle

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