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Have safe and life-changing experiences by collaborating with verified hosts from our community, and make a positive impact on the world!

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Why try volunteer travel?

  • Make a real, positive impact in the world
  • Collaborate, learn, and exchange experiences with hosts
  • Get immersed in the local culture and practice languages
  • Develop new personal and professional skills
  • Connect with locals and international travelers
  • Travel to new places affordably by saving money on lodging

What you offer

Each host will require your help for a certain number of hours per week.

What you get

In exchange for your help, you get accommodation and other benefits unique to each host.

And, obviously, new friends, learning, and connections of course!


Usually shared or private rooms

Really often


May include

Local transportation
Bikes or airport pick-up
Tours, parties, local discounts, etc
Language classes, yoga, permaculture, etc
And many other!

What isn’t included

It’s solely the traveler’s responsibility to arrive at and depart from their destination. So plan far enough ahead to get good prices!
Financial assistance
Worldpackers and our hosts are not responsible for any costs you may accrue during your stay, so plan to have enough spending money for your trip’s duration and the places you’re traveling.
Required documents
Do your research on visas, passports, travel and health insurance, and any other kind of document you need to travel, ok? Learn more
Remember that this is an exchange, not a job, so you’ll be helping a host in exchange for accommodation and other benefits!
Travel planning
Worldpackers is not a travel agency, so it’s up to you to find hosts and plan your volunteer trip, alright? But of course, you can get your questions about WP answered by contacting our Support team at [email protected] :)

Who can volunteer

Anyone over 18 years old
Anybody who wants to have life-changing experiences and is at least 18 years old - there’s no age limit to participate!
No experience necessary
To be a worldpacker, you don’t have to be a professional in any certain area - your resumé here is your knowledge, as well as your desire to help and make an impact.
Opportunities for all language levels
You don’t necessarily need to speak a specific language , but each host requires a certain proficiency level in a given language - including English. It’s also a great opportunity for you to practice another language ;)
Travel is for everyone
We believe travel is a universal right, and we support everyone’s right to travel, no matter what their nationality, gender, age, condition, etc. Pick the position that best matches your skills, and chat with the host about any questions you may have.

Who are our hosts

They’re friendly people who open their doors for travelers to have a collaborative exchange. Worldpackers hosts are open to exchanging learning experiences, and foster an atmosphere of connection through mutual, responsible, sustainable help.

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What thousands of Worldpackers are saying about it



My experience was awesome, the hostel is very cool, well located and with a good atmosphere. The work is not too hard, just a few hours per day, I had a lot of free time to enjoy the city and the region. Thanks a lot Get Inn Hostel



I loved staying at this farm at Molokai island. The place is very peaceful and beautiful. Very intense connection with nature. It’s awesome see all the plants growing. Bret is very kind and welcoming :)

United States


An amazing first adventure, I met some of the most real, down to earth, fun people at Diamond Mountain, this is an experience I’ll never forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! To do so, you need to choose the Worldpackers couples/friends plan, which allows you to apply to and confirm only two-person trips during the plan’s validity.

If you’d like to take children, minors, or animals with you, you first of all have to ask your host about the possibility. Hosts may not want to accept these travel companions because of unsuitable living situations, so a good conversation to get you on the same page will clear everything up for you.

You are responsible for all of the documents needed to enter another country and arrive at your destination, be they visas, documentation, insurance, or vaccinations, for example. As every country has different requirements, it’s a good idea to check your destination country’s embassy website. Learn more about Visas and Immigration.

No. Worldpackers is a community based on win-win, collaborative relationships, where exchanges are opportunities for learning, development, and cultural exchange. For our volunteer experiences, you can easily see what is and is not included on each position’s page: accommodation, meals, trips, lessons, etc. All other related logistics are the sole responsibility of the traveler.

Social and ecological hosts may indeed charge a supplemental fee. This is because they are nonprofits, and can ask for a contribution from travelers during their volunteer period. To learn which hosts request these fees, all you have to do is look through a position’s description, where you will find the cost in question, if any.

Worldpackers is a platform that connects hosts and travelers to foster collaborative experiences, exclusively. All other related logistics are the sole responsibility of the traveler, such as airfare, local transportation, passports, visas, insurance, etc.

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