Meet the Worldpackers features that will make you say goodbye to WhatsApp messages

The Worldpackers Inbox was designed to make chatting with applicants a breeze, with no need to juggle WhatsApp conversations anymore. It's all about easy and dynamic communication – without the hassle of using external apps!


Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram are known for making everyday communication much easier. With that in mind, we've gone the extra mile to enhance your messaging experience on the Worldpackers Inbox, available on the web and in the Worldpackers for Hosts mobile app for both Android and iOS.

This means you can easily chat with applicants while keeping all your conversations with potential Worldpackers travelers in one place, without the need to share your external contact information like phone numbers and email addresses, until you're ready to send a pre-approval to the ideal traveler and safely ensure the trip confirmation on the platform.

Discover all you can do in the Worldpackers Inbox and say goodbye to WhatsApp messages:

1. Voice Messages

Is your message too long to type, or too personalized to become a message template? A voice message might be the solution for you, besides being a more welcoming option since you'll be able to hear the volunteer's voice on the other end.

If you plan to host volunteers who speak a different language than yours, the option to send and receive voice messages is ideal for assessing whether their language proficiency is sufficient for effective communication during the experience.

2. Quick message templates

You can create and customize quick message templates to share information with your applicants, such as project rules, tips on how to get to the property, and other relevant details:

This way, you'll save a lot of time in your volunteer recruitment process.

3. Share Documents, Videos, and Images

You and the traveler can send images, documents, videos, and other attachments through Worldpackers Inbox:

Here are some examples our hosts use this feature to:

  • Request the traveler's transport ticket file or image to confirm arrival information;
  • Share project-related files, rules, and activities;
  • Send forms for relevant traveler information;
  • Ask for portfolios that showcase the traveler's skills in areas like photography, social media, and content creation;
  • Request travelers to send videos explaining why they chose your project.

4. Conversation Search and Categorization Tool

If you're looking for a specific conversation but don't know which page it's on, just type the traveler's name in the search tool to find it. Right below, you'll see different categories where conversations are displayed based on their status, for example:

  • Confirmed: Applications you pre-approved and had the trip confirmed by the volunteer;
  • Declined: Applications you've rejected;
  • Expired: Applications received more than 3 days ago that you haven't responded to yet;
  • Archived: Applications you want to hide from other tabs because they've already been completed.

The sooner you start using these features, the sooner you'll notice the difference in terms of time and quality of your recruitment process and volunteer management!

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