How can volunteers help me?

There’s no limit to the skills travelers can bring to help you improve your project. Here are some of our most common suggestions, including some ideas you might not get to in the day-to-day management of your project that can make it an even more special place.


Eco Activities

Expand the impact of your project with help from travelers who get down in the dirt to connect even more people with nature. By choosing this category, travelers can:

  • Cultivate your garden so it’s even more productive;
  • Help you with field tasks, like planting, harvesting, and cultivating;
  • Give you a hand with creating new spaces at your project with bioconstruction and permaculture techniques;
  • Bring their knowledge and best practices to your local communities;
  • Assist you with animal care, guaranteeing the well-being and health of your animals.

Building & Hands-on Chores

Make your space even more cozy with the help of experienced and artistic volunteers. When they select this activity, travelers can:

  • Help you with repairs and general maintenance around your property;
  • Renovate interior and exterior spaces with painting, murals, mosaics, and other art that communicates your project’s personality;
  • Reorganize your rooms so they can be better utilized.

Household Chores

Count on some extra help to complete your daily to-do list. Travelers who choose this category can:

  • Help you out by with room organization and facility cleaning;
  • Assist with teaching and caring for children, encouraging cultural exchange and learning new languages and sports, whether in your own home or nearby communities.

Communication & Marketing

Show the world what kind of experience your place offers with the help of volunteers. Travelers who select this category can:

  • Take mesmerizing photos and videos of your property;
  • Create inspiring content about your area and project;
  • Manage the social media accounts for your project, making sure your information is up-to-date. 

Welcoming & Helping Guests

Create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests with the help of volunteers. Travelers in this category can:

  • Receive guests when they arrive, and also attend to them and their needs during their stay;
  • Guide tours to the best attractions in your area;
  • Prepare drinks and meals for guests and other members of your team;
  • Help out with laundry and room cleaning.

Improving Websites & SEO

Get more engagement on your website with help from volunteers. Travelers in this category can:

  • Develop a site that’s more attractive, secure, and up-to-date with information for guests who want to make a reservation.
  • Increase your search ranking so you get more visits to your page.

We hope that these suggestions help you to decide what skills you could use to improve your project even more!

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