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Uma pessoa de um caráter e sensibilidade sem igual! Muito atencioso com todas as pessoas, hóspedes, colegas e visitantes! Se tornou um amigo muito querido e sempre bem vindo em nossa casa!! <3


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Okupe was and is still a house to me and my boyfriend. Whenever I have the chance I go there. I really fell in love with this place and its people.
We are very thankful for the incredible support and amazing learning.
In Okupe Hostel I learned to speak Portuguese, they are always willing to help foreigners to learn the language and encouraging to make it better.
Luisa became a friend to us as well as Fernando.
Describing Okupe in this chart is a hard work due to the numerous things I'd like to express.



  • Fluído: Inglés, Español y Portugués


¡Soy un experto!
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I studied Business Administration at "Universidad de Oriente".

Experiencia laboral

My first job was at Mc Doanld's when I was 17 years Old. I worked there for 3 years and I learnt many thing which served me well.
Then I began working as a HHRR Supervisor once as an internship.
Now I am currently developing a teaching career. I stared teaching English 3 years ago. I work at Berlitz

Experiencia de viaje

My greatest travel adventure takes place in "La Gran Sabana". The location offers one of the most unusual landscapes in the world, with rivers, waterfalls (The highest: The Angel Falls) and gorges, deep and vast valleys, impenetrable jungles and savannahs that host large numbers and varieties of plant species, a diverse fauna and the isolated table-top mesas locally known as tepuis.

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