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I do not know where to start. What an incredible place with spectacular people. Dom and Wesley welcomed me well and made me feel at home. They were VERY patient with my English and thanks to them I felt like I improved a lot in the language! I just have to say a big thank you to the hostel. Whoever comes will love it! Sarah, Sophie, Mercy, Emily, Mr. Jones, Renerick, Lorcan, Mike, Larney, Boo, Ginger! There are so many special people! Whoever comes will fall in love. I hope to one day return to this incredibly special and unforgettable place! AMO VOCÊS <3

hace 2 meses

Estados Unidos


I absolutely loved my stay at the hostel, from the moment Dom and Wes picked me up at the bus station I felt instantly welcomed. It quickly became a home away from home. The area was beautiful with many things to do and lots of fun interactions with the locals. Working in the bar was a lot of fun and they were so flexible and easy to work with/for. A very nice balance of work hard, play harder. It was an unforgettable experience and I would love to visit again someday. :)

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I had an amazing experience. The hosts and locals were lovely. I genuinely had an easy time that it felt like I was on vacation. And Wilderness is beauuutiiiful!!! I definitely recommend this host☺️❤️

hace 5 meses

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