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Check Chris out

Exploring Las Américas during university break

From Germany to Argentina

“I helped as a bartender and it was the best way to get know a bunch of people, learn Spanish by speaking with the locals and discover Buenos Aires culture!”

Viva la vida like Chris

Luan knows it all

He took a break from university to explore his home country

Traveled for 1 year around Latin America!

“This is the best way to travel, feel at home, meet new people, learn a bit of everything and visit surreal places with a very low budget.”

Be bold like Luan

Good luck, bro!

The economist that swapped the city for nature

From Brazil to a new life

“My hosts taught me about bioconstruction, growing organic food and, most importantly, how to enjoy a simple life. I felt part of the family and wished I had stayed longer in this awesome place.”

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