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Increase your guest occupancy rate with enthusiastic & skilled packers


Save over US$1,000 a month on your staff costs


Having a unique staff means a better atmosphere & better reviews

The best tools for recruiting the perfect Worldpackers

More secure
Only members with a verified credit card can apply for your positions. This is one of the ways we guarantee security for all of our hosts.
No show
Reduce No-Show
We drastically reduce no-shows by charging applicants a commitment fee.
Attract more guests to your hostel
Increase your number of guests by taking part in our Discount Program and offering a 10% discount to members of our community.

"Sónia has been a Worldpackers host since 2014. In this video, she shares her biggest challenges and how Worldpackers helped her overcome them."


Sónia – Hostel 2300 Thomar, Portugal

Thanks to our worldpacker Miguel Canaverde for making the video.

"Katrijn has hosted over 40 worldpackers who have helped at her hostel in various ways like socializing with guests and helping with organization, which frees up a lot of time from her busy schedule to devote to the more operational aspects of her business."


Katrijn, KaBa Hostel – Belgium

Thanks to our worldpacker Christophe Morre for making the video.


Check out how travelers can help you

International travelers improve relationships with your guests
Quality photos and videos are the first thing guests see. Make your property stand out!
Kitchen Hand
Increase food sales with experienced staff & culinary innovation
Everyone loves a good party. Add some flair to your bar with an experienced bartender.
Party Promoter
The extra help to get the party started with your guests.
Responsible for the cleaning and day-to-day maintenance
Tour Guide
Offer engaging activities to your guests. It's all about the experience!
Video Making
Attract guests by showing your identity with high quality videos
Night Shift
Have a motivated receptionist when late night guests are checking in

And 15 other skills!

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