A day in the life of a worldpacker

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My first day volunteering in Portugal with Worldpackers!
My favorite day volunteering in Lisbon ​​​🌊​
A day volunteering in Germany ​🐄​​💗​
My days volunteering in San Juan, Puerto Rico 🦋​🌴​
A day on a fruit farm in the Italian Alps 🏔️​​🐐​
My days off in Puerto Rico 🌸​🌴​
Days off at the beach 🌞🌴✨
Amazing day volunteering in France 🥖​🍷​🌿​
A day volunteering in Cambodia ✨
A day off in Tenerife, Spain 🌞
A day in the life living in the Amazon Rainforest 🌿🌞
Day in a vegan farm 🌱
Chill days in Portugal 🌊​
Let's go explore a cave in the Amazon Rainforest 🌿
Swimming on an island 🌞
Days off on an Island
Weekends in Portugal 🌸
Day as a tour guide 🌻
Days off in Guatemala ✨
My day volunteering in Italy 🍃