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The family was very welcoming to me and we were able to spend the holiday together. I would take note in the future of the best time of year to volunteer (in the summer to be with the local kids). My experience as a language and cultural exchange and was overall positive.

hace 19 días



I definetly recommend this project. 1)Zakaria has a very good mindset. All his actions and ideas are based on the deep wisdom and pure motives. You can see it when talking about life, creating some activeties, hiking or just sitting it silence. You can see it in his relationships with his family, friends, people in the village and other cities. Zakaria has a broad experience in making others' lifes more beautiful, interesting and calm. You will learn a lot. 2)Village is a small heaven hidden in the mountains and fruits farms. People here are sunny and beautiful. They really want to know you!

hace casi 5 años

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