Volunteer as a music and dance judge for a competition in our project! (:

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I loved my stay :) Everyone was super nice and welcoming and you'll immediately feel comfortable. They were incredibly open for different ideas or opinions and extremely mindful. The food was amazing and they make sure that you have some options and help you experience local food and culture. Everyone I met was kind. Thank you so much!

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I felt more than welcomed in Ronald's and Justine's Home! The people I met were all super friendly, the kids I worked with were great and I learned a lot about culture. Overall, everybody made this volunteering experience amazing and I can only recommend it!

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The whole experience exceeded our expectations, we could not wish for a better one! The accommodation was super clean and spacious and offered us privacy. We ate home cooked delicious traditional food which catered to our wishes and needs:) The program was very diverse. We got to know the women community; their homes, stories and businesses, worked with the local police and prison, visited the church and the local medical facilities... We had such an amazing time with Ronald, Justine and their whole family that we're gonna go back to spend Christmas with them! Love you!

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