🌱 Art, Plants & DIY Craft for vegan/vegetarian charity NGO! 💚

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La experiencia

We are a community of more than 40 young activists based in Germany. We would like to host more volunteers and need your help!

✔️Preparing & decorating sleeping rooms
✔️Cleaning of public places; taking out the trash.
✔️Gardening & taking care of plants.
✔️Practical fixes around the house & Taking care of electric appliances

Que ofreces?

32 horas de ayuda por semana

Construcción y Reparación: Ayuda con varias tareas de reparación o construcción.

Jardinería: Ayuda a plantar y cultivar jardines.

Artes: Pintura profesional, escultura o dibujo.

Pintura y Decoración: Ayuda pintando o decorando el local.

Lo que obtienes

1 dia libre por semana

Habitación privada: Tendrás una cama en un cuarto privado. Sí, un cuarto solo para ti.

Desayuno: Tienes derecho a desayunos gratis cada día de tu estadía.

Almuerzo: Tienes derecho a almuerzos gratis cada día de tu estadía.

Cena: Tienes derecho a cenas gratis cada día de tu estadía.

Puedes usar libremente nuestra lavandería.: Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.

Bicicletas a tu disposición: Puedes usar nuestras bicicletas cuando quieras.

Traslado: Te buscaremos cuando llegues y te llevamos a nuestro lugar.

Clases de idiomas: Toma clases de idiomas gratis en nuestro espacio.


Inglés Intermedio o Alemán Fluído

Entre 18 y 80 años

Admite voluntarios solos (no admite parejas o dúos)

Pasaporte de la Unión Europea

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

Official Website: https://singularitygroup.net/

Many volunteers have joined without prior knowledge or specific skills. There are tasks available for anyone to contribute, no matter their prior work experience. On the contrary, volunteers have the opportunity, support & tools available to acquire new skills while working on projects.

While having certain skills or job experience is always welcome, having a good mindset and always doing your best seems to be much more important. However, it is definitely also helpful to know about our current & past projects, such as documentaries & listening to the real talk podcasts.

This place tries to be as efficient as possible, inspired by Effective Altruism. It is the perfect environment for people who want to have the most possible positive impact in the world. Work alongside like-minded people that are dedicated & self-driven to contribute.

Actividades & Turnos

From my personal experience, volunteers seem to work here because it is their passion, not their job. Most work independently or in small groups and with the guidance of other more experienced volunteers. They also enjoy that there are no set working hours, allowing a lot of flexibility & freedom.

View this document for more infos: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kONApP4YkOWxhH2CwN1I6PI4CL9QdfM4ge4g38gCftc/

Also check out our other volunteer listings on Worldpackers for various other activities & tasks you could contribute with! :)


Since the place is in Germany, everyone is required to follow german laws, such as no illegal drugs (medicine is different from drugs) and no piracy (e.g. torrenting).
No smoking of any kind (e.g. cigarettes, weed, vape) and no pets are allowed in the house.

Common sense good behavior is expected from all volunteers, such as:
Be considerate towards others.
Respect other people’s privacy.
Take care of facilities provided to you.
Clean up after yourself.
No shouting, loud music etc. in hallways next to sleeping rooms.