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Fromthe hostel moment I walked inthe hostel staff andthe hostel manager made me feel right at home. They made sure that I had time to settle in before I started working. the hostelhostelwork is good andthe hostel hours are as promised. the hostelhostelhostelis really clean, after helping in housekeeping I got a better understanding ofthe hostel work that it takes to keep anthe hostel hostelclean and makethe hostel guests happy! the hostelmy days off there was always someone around that wanted to take a walk or go somewhere, which was really nice. the hostelhostelstaff and manager have great knowledge ofthe hostel hosteland it's surroundings! I'm definitely gonna miss this place!

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Juliane respondido

Thanks so much for joining us here and for being our very first worldpacker. It was such a great experience to have you here with. Have a wonderful rest of your time in Canada and we really hope you gonna visit us again. Safe travels :) Juliane

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