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Housekeeper Position while you experience beautiful nature

Ayudar a un proyecto sostenible
8 viajeros confirmaron que este anfitrión contribuye activamente a construir un futuro más sostenible para todos.
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Conecta con la naturaleza
10 viajeros recomiendan esta experiencia para reconectar con la naturaleza desde un lugar más profundo
Aprende sobre sostenibilidad
8 viajeros han tenido la experiencia de aprender sostenibilidad a través del voluntariado con este anfitrión
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Horas por semana
Ayuda y colabora solo por algunas horas a la semana.
Mano de Cocina
Ayuda a preparar, terminar y servir comidas.
Ayuda a limpiar la cocina, dormitorios, baños y áreas comunes.
Ayuda con los check-ins, check-outs y atiende a los huéspedes.
Tareas Domésticas
Ayuda haciendo las camas y tareas domésticas.
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Que obtienes


Días libres por semana
Un tiempo libre para explorar la cuidad o descansa un rato.
Habitación privada
Tendrás una cama en un cuarto privado. Sí, un cuarto solo para ti.
Habitación compartida
Tendrás una cama en un cuarto compartido con otros viajeros.
Utilice nuestra cocina equipada
Siéntete libre de usar nuestra cocina y preparar tu comida deliciosa.
Puedes usar libremente nuestra lavandería.
Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.
Recibe ayuda del equipo de soporte Worldpackers si la necesitas en cualquier etapa de tu viaje.
Anfitriones verificado
Este anfitrión ha sido verificado por nuestro equipo antes de unirse a la comunidad.
Protección WP
¿Algo ha sido diferente a lo acordado? Ponte en contacto con nuestro equipo.
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Quédate al menos
4 semanas

La Experiencia

Gingerhill Farm is looking for a Housekeeper! We're offering a private or shared room, shared kitchen and bath, on-site parking, fresh fruits, and a tranquil place to live surrounded by nature. Duties include deep cleaning cabins and other spaces, doing laundry and folding with care, and replenishing supplies. Come explore the scenic hilly property while you work. If you are mature, conscious and adventurous please send bio & experience.

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  • Inglés Intermedio
  • Entre 25 y 60 años
  • Admite voluntarios solos, parejas y dúos de voluntarios
  • Visa de Estados Unidos

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

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Hable con los que vivieron la experiencia

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  • a) ¿Cómo fue tu experiencia con este anfitrión?
  • b) ¿Cómo fue tu rutina diaria?
  • c) ¿Cuánto gastaste en este viaje?

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Anfitrión y Equipo


Horas y Tareas


Centro Holistico


Aprendizaje y Diversión


Cómo esta experiencia te transformará

  • 10 Me conecté con la naturaleza
  • 8 Aprendí sobre sostenibilidad
  • 7 Desarrollé mi conciencia ambiental
  • 7 Me conecté con viajeros internacionales
  • 6 Me sumergí en la cultura local.
  • 5 Me conecté con los habitantes

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible a los que contribuye este anfitrión

  • 8 15. Vida de ecosistemas terrestres
  • 4 3. Salud y bienestar

Estados Unidos


This was my first WP, and my experience at the Center was unforgettable. The property is absolutely beautiful and spending each day immersed in nature, eating homegrown fruits was very special. The work was fair, could be quite busy at times, but chill other times! I would really recommend other volunteers have a car to make the most of your time here. I had a private room which was so cozy and I will miss the ocean view from bed SO much. I am forever grateful to have met Silvia, who made my experience here so memorable and has become a great friend. Mahalo GHF for becoming my home!! ❤️ :)

hace 6 días



My work trade experience at the Center was truly unforgettable. The hosts were incredibly welcoming, instantly making me feel part of their eco-conscious community. I had the pleasure of meeting other work traders, each bringing their own unique skills and stories, which enriched the experience further. the Center is a place where hard work harmonizes with nature's rhythms, offering a profound sense of accomplishment and belonging. Highly recommended!

hace 14 días



I have mixed feelings, the place is very nice, but there is a lack of coordination, communication and teamwork. My first day I felt like I wasn't welcome, Iris just said hello, follow me,she showed me where I had to drink water, the bathroom and my room (room for myself, it was good and cozy). My first impression was quite unpleasant, there was no empathy from her (I have been so many volunteering and usually they go to pick me up and drop me off, they ask you basic things like, how was your trip, how are you? Can I help you with your luggage, do you need anything, not was my case

hace 2 meses

Íris respondido

We were saddened to hear about Valentina's post-stay concerns, and we regret that she didn't share them during her time with us. Initially, she excelled as a housekeeper, but her performance declined due to a new personal relationship, leading to lapses in responsibilities. Despite invitations to engage in activities, she consistently declined. Operating with a minimal staff, our ability to provide certain amenities, like airport pickups, is constrained. We wish Valentina had communicated her feelings so we could have promptly addressed them. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're actively working to enhance communication and address volunteer challenges. Thank you for your understanding.



For a 1st experience with worldpackers, this was just amazing. What a nice and welcoming couple. I had an awesome experience in this lovely place. I felt like at home. I could have literally lived there. Kuma is very cute too. I went there with no expectations and I came out with many ideas and inspired by all of the things that I saw and experienced during my stay especially regarding the sustainability of our environment but also regarding myself. I had a lot of time to be by myself. Thank you so much for the good vibes, the work outs and all the laughs too. I will miss you for sure.

hace 3 meses

Silvia respondido

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a heartwarming review. We are absolutely thrilled to hear that your first experience with Worldpackers at our place was amazing. It's always our goal to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere, and knowing that you felt at home here means the world to us.

Wishing you all the best in your journeys and adventures ahead. Keep spreading those good vibes wherever you go!

Take care and stay in touch!

Estados Unidos


I loved my stayed here, if you want to connect with nature and ground yourself, come here!I had a lot of time to explore and learn a lot about myself.This is a very independent volunteer. If you are looking for a place to meet a lot of people and have a lot of communal experience, this is not it.You are responsible to find a ride to the farm once you get here. I highly recommend to arrive the earliest you can. This farm is very isolated, so you can either rent a car or take the bus (is free). I didn't rent a car, and it was a great experience to meet locals.I miss kuma🥺🐶

hace 5 meses

Íris respondido

Hey Lorna!
I'm so glad to hear you loved your stay at the farm! Connecting with nature and finding that grounding experience is what it's all about. It warms my heart that you had the time to explore and discover more about yourself in the process – that's the magic of this place.
It's more of an independent volunteer vibe here. It's perfect for those looking to have a more personal journey. And kudos to you for embracing the opportunity to meet locals by not renting a car. Those spontaneous connections often turn out to be the best!
I understand about missing Kuma – pets have a way of leaving paw prints on our hearts. 🐶
Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience, Lorna. You're always welcome back whenever you need another dose of nature and self-discovery!
Take care,

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