• Edad: 29
  • Nacionalidad: España
  • Idiomas: Árabe, Francés, Inglés y Español

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Experiencia en Tailandia

Hostel Bangkok, Tailandia Dec/2018

Limpieza, Tareas Domésticas y Recepción

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Reseña hecha por Sara

My experience in the hostel was great! I stayed there for two weeks and I could visit the city and around easily. Red is an easy going person and very helpful, he's not all the time in the hostel but whenever he is the hostel has a good atmosphere. Also I loved the cat, not that much the snake hahaha. You have to work 6 hours in the reception but most of the time you can read or write by your own because it's not busy all the time. The only problem I found it's that Bangkok it's such a big city that it takes a lot of time to move around. Anyway, you can do it!

Experiencia en Malasia

Casa de huéspedes Malacca, Malasia Nov/2018

Mano de Cocina, Recepción y Administración

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Sara was incredibly hardworking, sociable and self motivated. Even when her shifts were over she was always wanting to help out even more and make sure everyone was happy. Sara added something special to our family and was greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend her as a volunteer and look forward to seeing her in the future

  • Responsabilidad
  • Socialización
  • Proactividad
  • Compromiso

Reseña hecha por Sara

I had a great experience in the guest house. I worked there for three weeks and that was enough to fall in love with the city and specially with the guesthouse. The ambience in the hostel is amazing, you can spend the day without going out and you'll never get bored. The working hours are easy and Howard is a great host, you really feel like home. I will definitely recommend this hostel as a traveller and also as a working exchange.

Experiencia en Indonesia

Hostel Surabaya, Indonesia Oct/2018

Recepción, Pintura y Decoración, Construcción y Reparación y Jardinería

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Reseña hecha por Sara

I spent one week in the hostel with my friend Carlos. We didn't have the chance to meet Dyana because she left to work the next day we arrived to another city. However, we had a great week with Yenny, she was very nice to us. We were able to paint the front yard with the means they gave us, but we didn't find much else to do. They told us that other volunteers usually go to schools to talk to children but we preferred to work in the hostel. We learnt how Indonesian people live and we don't regret this experience lived!


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  • Árabe


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You can like the life you're livin' or you can live the life you like



I studied International Relations and Economics at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid (2013-2018).

Experiencia laboral

I was an inter in the Center for Research and Studies on Coherence and Development in 2018 in Madrid. I've been a social volunteer for three summers in a row during my university studies in different associations, helping the local community and teaching languages and different subjects.

Experiencia de viaje

I love traveling, I've been in many countries of Europe and in Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine. Now, I'm traveling around Southeast Asia as worldpacker.