• Age: 25
  • Nationality: Italy
  • Languages: Italian, English, and Spanish

Volunteer Experiences

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Experience in Ireland

Fethard-on-Sea, Ireland Apr/2019

Housekeeping, Cleaning, and Reception

Review written by the host

Federico is an excellent volunteer. He does everything he is asked to do and more. He has initiative, is responsible, always positive and happy, very tidy. We would highly recommend him.

  • Responsibility
  • Sociability
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment

Review written by Federico

My time volunteering at The Irish Experience was absolute FUN! I got to experience the ocean on a way I never had before. Also, Graham and Kimberley are two amazing hosts who shortly made me feel like home since I got to Ireland and they are nice to spend time with.

Experience in Hungary

Hostel Budapest, Hungary Apr/2019

Party Promoter, Night Shift, and Reception

Review written by the host

Frederico was a fantastic volunteer the whole time he was with us! He is always willing to help out wherever he can, and is very responsible and hardworking. I'd highly recommend Frederico to other hosts! :)

  • Responsibility
  • Sociability
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment

Review written by Federico

A great place to volunteer at to discover Budapest from its very heart. The night shifts were very chill and I had plenty of time to discover the city when not working. The atmosphere between the volunteers was lovely and made my stay more fun! Also, Max and Pal are very nice and cool people. They'll always make you feel comfortable. I totally recommend this experience. Thanks guys!

Experience in Italy

Hostel Genoa, Italy Feb/2019

Night Shift, Kitchen Hand, Administration, and Reception

Review written by the host

Federico is very professional, friendly and flexible! It was a real pleasure to work with him, he was an essential member of our team and we could totally rely on him. He is really open-minded, genuinely interested in both the work and the travellers that we welcome at the hostel. Oh and he is also a great cook! ;) We totally recommend him and he will always be welcome here in Genova!

  • Responsibility
  • Sociability
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment

Review written by Federico

An amazing hostel to volunteer for! Everything here was perfect, from the location, working hours, modern building and very comfortable rooms to fun time! The 4 owners are absolutely friendly and are always willing to teach you something new, it was a pleasure to work with them all :) I definitely recommend this experience without hesitation. Grazie tante pero tutto Marco, Matteo, Manu and Giulio!

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Worldpackers Academy was created to prepare the travel community to be committed and engaged volunteers.


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Watched our videos about how the volunteer experience works and what are the responsibilities as a volunteer.

I'm just a regular guy like you who decided to save money, quit my job, leave my comfort zone, grabbed my backpack full of dreams and took off to explore this amazing world of us. Join me! :)

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  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian


I'm an expert!
  • Administration
  • Content Writer
  • Housekeeping
  • Night Shift
  • Photography
  • Reception
  • Social Work
  • Tour Guide
Some experience
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Social Media
I want to learn it
  • Animal Care
  • Bartending
  • Party Promoter



I graduated from High School and went to University to study Tourism but later that year I decided to quit College and star to follow my passion which is to become a Commercial Pilot and so that's the path I'm following at the moment.

Work Experience

I've worked in proper formal jobs as Sales Coordinator, Logistics and Debts Collector but the most outstanding ones where:

* Hostel Receptionist in cities like Milan, Venice, Genova and Budapest
* Sea Kayaking Tour Assistant in Ireland
* Tour Coordinator for an NGO in New York City
* Travel Content Copywriter for Worldapkers

Travel Experience

If there are a cool hostel and a great-view uphill viewpoint I've been there! (or I'm planning on visiting soon). Thanks to Worldapckers plus my traveller spirit I've been to Ireland, Hungary, Spain, The UK, The US, Croatia, Canada, Argentina and Italy course!