Akirah garden

We moved to our land about 5 years ago near the forest mountains, 25 km east of Chiang Mai city. Having lived in the city but traveled a lot, we are now settling down more and try to grow our own food, medicinal plants, building wooden and bamboo houses, making our own cleaning products, filtering our own water , composting recycling all our wastes.

If you're interested in wooden building, organic farming, Thai cooking, and yoga, you're welcome to stay with us. There are bamboo bungalows and private wooden rooms for our volunteers . Our place is also close to San Kamphaeng Hot Spring, Muang On cave, Crazy Horse rock climbing, etc.
Our comfortable wooden and bungalow rooms ( mostly private rooms), yoga classes ,limitless wifi ,laundry,a bicycle ,water & other drinks, and a fridge always ready with fruits etc..are free for short term volunteers.
Please ask for the details about "food contrubition" ; how to get, buy , harvest, cook in the farm. Because it all depends on seasons and how much we grow throughout the year.
And for long term volunteers we provide everything including all 3 meals a day for free too .Because we recieve more efficient help from them.
We consider long term volunteering for at least 3 months, and long termers should have some farming, natural building experience & skills. Please ask for other details for volunteering long term in our farm.
Our target is to be totally self sufficient in our small farm about food , water , shelter , medicine , energy etc..We are not a commercial farm so we are not growing large scale if vegetables and fruits to sell outside for money. So we and our volunteers have many free times.A couple of hours help a day is enough for us.. Suha goes to rock climbing 2 days a week and hikes to the mountain once a week. Volunteers are always welcome to join him for these epic outdoor activities.

We have minimum stay of 8 days.

And besides the all work, we enjoy our time with sharing our knowledges&experiences with volunteers together. Take this place not like a hard working mono-culture farm but a little learning center with the harmony in the nature and with self sufficiency in love..We believe , for a better planet , for more real life, and free & independent future, all of us can start to act and learn..

Our volunteers can expect to be treated like our friends ;) We are a small community. And since the Covid i dont have staff , making the continuation of farm with long term volunteers, friends.

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I had a great experience under the clearest starry sky in the world. Everyone here, every second I spent makes me feel that I am the luckiest person in the world. Beside fesh air, beautiful views and all kinds of lively activities, I cherish those kindness, sincerity, health and more than wealth.Thank you Suha, keep climbing!
If the shooting star can make my wish come true, I hope to come back here again in the near future❤️

2 months ago



It was my first experience volunteering through the WorldPackers platform and it was wonderful. Beautiful place, the host, Suha, is super attentive, he took us to several amazing places, the accommodation is wonderful, the food is perfect, I can only thank you. Thank you for everything Suha!

7 months ago



Being able to spend some time in Suha’s farm was a blessing. Suha is such a good host and welcomes you as if you are part of the family. He is always worried if you are feeling well there. The work is what is promised in the description and you can easily do it. This means you also have time to have some fun and relax with all the people you will meet there. Last but not least a mention to all the places Suha takes the volunteers, the rock climbing sites, the lake and even the hot springs all make the experience an unforgettable one. Hopefully I will be back one day.
Thank you again, Suha

7 months ago

Korea, South


Suha was an amazing host and made my first experience with Worldpackers amazing!! He was super welcoming and did all he could to make us feel comfortable!

9 months ago

United Kingdom


A wonderful and unforgettable experience!

The location is beautiful and peaceful. The work. Suha is an amazing host who looks after his volunteers. He ensured our experience was varied and we all had fun. Suha is also an excellent cook. His Turkish omelettes are fantastic!l Best of all was the strong community we all shared and the friendships that developed. We all worked together, cooked together, climbed, sat round the fire together. We even spent 3 days at a music festival. Best of all laughed so much! I really hope to return. Highly recommended! Thank you Suha!

10 months ago

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