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No respetó la fecha acordada de llegada , tuve que alojarme por mi cuenta esa noche. Putu me recibió con una actitud agresiva. El alojamiento dos colchones en el suelo, que ocupaban toda la habitación, no había mas mobiliario, alguien entro en la habitación a cambiar las sabanas?? y me encontré mis cosas tiradas. Me contesto chillando, no era la respuesta que esperaba. No mantenía lo planificado la víspera.
Iba a hablar con ella, para decirla que en esas condiciones y con esa actitud no iba a seguir, cuando por whatsapp me dice que me vaya. nunca volví a verla. Estuve dos días.


ni luh replied

Om swasti astu, namaste, shalom, salamalekoum, be in peace, God loves you. You should pray, or try meditation, relaxation, yoga, something like that.


I became part of this lovely family. They were there to help me with everything I needed and it felt like home away from home. The students are so nice, we had such an amazing time. Our job, as a volunteer at the school is to be ready to meet amazing places with the students and learn about balinese culture, talking in English so they can improve themselves. I am vegan and the food was really good! It's a local community with many ceremonies, waterfalls, rivers with sacred water and truly wonderful people. So grateful for all the experience, thank you very much! I will always remember you.


ni luh replied

Thank you for your comments Paloma, we were really happy to welcome you. You are really nice and warm person, open-minded and friendly. Keep in touch with them, they are right now in Vietnam and speak about you to the others. We wish you the best of luck and if you come back around, pls do not hesitate to visit us.


My experience with the school was amazing. 3 weeks have passed by in a blink of an eye. Everyday was like a new adventure around wonderful Bali island. I have been to so many incredible places, every time I was accompanied by students from school. Students were very friendly to me and I recommend this place for sure as a time to remember for the rest of your life. Wish all the best to the development of the school and students with their life pursuits🙏🏻


ni luh replied

Thanks Andrew for your comments. Please keep in touch with our students, they all really appreciate you.
Sincerely, Ni Luh