Krishna Eco Farm

Krishna Eco Farm is based in a peaceful countryside next to the small historical town of Lesmahagow, originally started by monks. It is a relatively new project of the Hare Krishna spiritual community 'Karuna Bhavan' ('Sanctuary of Peace') that includes families, monastics and volunteers. It is being developed as a holistic spiritual centre, to help re-establish the sacredness of life. Our aim is to promote peace of mind and offer a positive alternative to the dominant consumerist and materialistic world view. We invite you to experience an alternative lifestyle that benefits body, mind and soul and is based on the motto 'simple living, high thinking'. It is a unique chance to get out of the rat race, see things from a new perspective and ask yourself questions you might never have asked before. We are making 1st steps, however in a long-term we are aiming for self-sufficiency. Being a new project, the eco-farm provides good opportunities for development and initiative. We invite volunteers to share their skills to develop this project. Eco Farm includes a walled garden, green houses, a meditation garden, energy saving technologies and an ashram for spiritual practices. If you prefer fruits over alcohol, fresh air over cigarettes, our famous vegetarian food over meat and would like to experience a detox retreat then the Krishna Eco Farm is for you!

We very highly value hospitality and treat all our guests and volunteers with care as we belong to Bhakti Yoga tradition that emphasises treating everyone nicely.


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Everything about the krishna eco farm is great.
The work is interesting, the food is great and the environment is amazing. I would definetly recommend this for everyone.

over 1 year ago



I sadly couldn't stay because of a family emergency, but people were receptive and nice. Also had the chance to participate in the chants, it was great. Good food also

almost 2 years ago

United Kingdom


This is my second time going to the farm, the people have basically become like family now! Everyone is so welcoming :)
The surroundings are very peaceful
Great food!

about 2 years ago



I really enjoy it, i spent more than 3 weeks in this spiritual place and I'd recommend Krishna Eco-farm. It was my first place using this app and just i want to say Thank you everybody!.

about 2 years ago



Working and living on the Eco farm was a amazing experience. Everybody are so nice and don't mind taking time out to answer all the questions you might have. I can really recommend it.
PS. the food is fantastic!!

over 2 years ago

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