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Our property is located in untouched nature in the Dinaric Alps. As great lovers of nature and healthy living, we decided to make a house from ecological materials, to engage in permaculture and fight for the preservation of nature and the environment. This year I graduated as a Qi Gong teacher and of course all our guests have the opportunity to learn something about this wonderful method.
So by volunteering here you will be seing the nature very closely and also you will get to know about Serbian Language too.
Also this place is very close to Mokra Gora which is famous for Sargan Eight Train Ride.

In the culture of our people, hospitality has always been very important and nurtured. Each estate had a "konak" which was a room for a traveler who usually rode a horse or walked. More than 15 years in tourism, working in 5-star hotels and a wide range of work with adults and children helps us to give our guests a unique sense of belonging as a family.


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I had a really good experience in Taor. I enjoyed my stay and I could learn a lot of interesting things. I felt really comfortable with the environtment and the treatment I recived.
You need to be flexible with the work’s schedule and the tasks you have to do, but you can always talk with Igor, and you will find a solution together.
So grateful for all this great experience :))

7 months ago



Igor is a hospitable man. However

Free days weren't respected, there is a strong feeling of a labour camp with a semi-hospitable atmosphere. Expect staff to be toxic and overwhelmingly demanding for such living conditions. Alcohol will be provided but probably to make you calm and satisfied with your volunteering (free slave labour (not my words)). Constant and big problems with water, don't expect to take a shower every day. No religion, politics (except host's opinion) only Taoism.

Food is diversified, you can learn how to ride, nature around is beautiful, many good and passionate people.

8 months ago

Igor replied

In our culture, offering beer or brandy means hospitality. Many volunteers realize that they can take the drinks as they wish. The meaning of volunteering and helping others has been missed by many, including you. Worldpackers is not for you. Come to someone's property and draw communist signs on the buildings? If I were you, I would be ashamed to write any kind of review at all...

Costa Rica


Being in this place was a very good experience, where we learned to do different jobs and helped in what was needed. We could relate to the Balkan culture. Thank you Igor and Marina for the opportunity, hospitality and all the good memories we take. Every day was an adventure and I am more than happy with what I experienced in these weeks.

9 months ago

Costa Rica


Been in the farm was a truly unique and amazing experience. I really like to be in this place and contributed with some work while interacting with nature. The tasks are always different and sometimes are physically demanding but normally are easy. You're going to sleep in a tent that's apart of the main house but in general it's a ok place to sleep. Igor and Marina are really nice hosts and actually we feel really welcome there while you interact daily with them. Sometimes you have to help with the horses so it's better to you no be afraid of them.

9 months ago



Infelizmente não posso recomendar, tive que sair antes devido a falta de condições e situação precária do local. Falta banheiro, falta água, falta respeito dos anfitriões, enfim, local totalmente impossível de receber pessoas como voluntários. Primeiro fui mal recebida pela mulher do anfitrião, porque não falo inglês. Me dispus a ir embora sem problemas. Depois fui levada ao banheiro q era de madeira no meio do mato onde havia um buraco no chão e só. Depois dormi num barraco de madeira sem energia elétrica num matagal sem acesso a nada e um frio terrível. As tarefas não são as escritas.Péssimo

9 months ago

Igor replied

She wants to get a shower 3 times per day!? In volunteers camps you would get 5l water par day. One day we had a problem with the pumps and she was insolted and refused to do anything on the farm... We dont accept volunteers without knowledge of english and she dont speak a word of english! - she didnt tell me this till arrival.This lady is not volunteer- she is more " how to travel on a cheap way".

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