• Idade: 31
  • Nacionalidade: Brasil
  • Idiomas: Italiano, Português, Espanhol e Inglês

Experiências de Voluntariado

Experiência na Alemanha

Camping Upper Bavaria, Alemanha Sep/2018

Guia local, Ajuda na Limpeza, Tarefas Domésticas e Recepção

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Carolina was a great asset on the team and an amazing person to work with. Always ready to help and goes far beyond the things asked of her to do. Would highly recommend Carolina again and hope to see her during future projects!

  • Responsabilidade
  • Socialização
  • Proatividade
  • Comprometimento

Avaliação feita por Carolina

Nicki, Yuri and Stella are awesome! Yes Trips gave me the opportunity to live the real Oktoberfest experience spending few money as I had all the meals and a tent in exchange for the working hours. They explained how the festival works and gave us all the tips to have an incredible time! Our tasks were mainly building tents and keep them cleaned to the guests. They were very flexible about the working hours, so we could enjoy the festival and have some free time to visit Munich as well. I highly recommend them as a host, they care a lot about the volunteers, so much love and fun!!!

Experiência no Brasil

Pousada Florianópolis, Brasil Jul/2017

Administração e Recepção

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Carolina was and is incredible. She's taken more responsibility than she's given and done everything with passion, positivity and intention. We've promoted her since being here and have invested our time in money into seeing her fulfil her people. We believe she is firmly part of the family and has been awesome outside of her work too; helping others, organising events and cleaning up around the house. Can't praise Carolina enough.

  • Responsabilidade
  • Socialização
  • Proatividade
  • Comprometimento

Avaliação feita por Carolina

There I had one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had in my entire life! An international community where people live based on love and values. A place where you can be authentic, accepted and loved by who you really are! I could develop my skills with marketing but the most important thing was I became a better version of myself, much stronger and confident. A magic place that encourage everyone to find their lights inside their hearts! Inspiring and amazing people from all around the world! So much love and fun!

Nomadic traveler, love worker! Sharing my experiences to inspire people to live the life they love. Sometimes we need to get out of our confort zone to become the human being we are meant to be. Trust yourself, follow your intuition! Don't waste another minute thinking you can't get started on what you really want to do.

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  • Português
  • Inglês
  • Italiano
  • Espanhol


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  • Bartender
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  • Organizar Eventos e Festas
  • Recepção
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Experiências de vida


I studied Social Communication – Marketing and Publicity at the University Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas – PUC-Campinas
(January/2009 - December/2013)