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It was really amazing! Aoshima, Miyazaki it’s a local place next to the beach, so popular among surfers, the owner Toshi is very kind and super cool about the chores is easy at lest 2 hours per day and

8 meses atrás


Its a awesome place near the beach. Nice hostel in a nice area. The work its really simple and not much... Toshi And André are two hell of a guys and you Will enjoy the Time with them. Nice chats about music with André by the way.. in your free Time (wich Is a lot) you can explore aoshima's beach, the main shrine of the town, swin, learn surf , visit the local onsen, or explore the beautyfull citys from around. The community from the town its really cool And you Will feel at home.

10 meses atrás


Best deicion ever to come to Aoshima. The island is small but beautiful, authentic and full of the cozy community spirit I was hoping for. The best way to experience local life. My host and owner of the place Toshi is the most wonderful host. Kind, helpful, embodying the perfect Japanese spirit. I'll definitely come back next year.

11 meses atrás


Best expierence ever. Aoshima is a paradise, where you can surf, party and meet amazing people. Tasks are easy and fast to do.

12 meses atrás


Has been a gorgeous expireance stay with Toshi at Hooju hostel. He is a wonderful person and always makes you feel all right. The the tasks to be done are simple and regularly finished in 2 or 3 hours, after that you have the free time to go to the beach, learn to surf, bike or plan a trip to places a pocomas removed. Aoshima is a very relaxed, no big hotels or anything like that, tourism is mostly local, which may be appealing to those who want to learn or practice their Japanese. More than grateful to have had the opportunity of this exchange ... many thanks Toshi!

1 ano atrás