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At Avenue Hostel, we strive to create a meaningful impact while fostering cultural exchange. By volunteering with us, you'll have the chance to make a difference in the lives of the local community while immersing yourself in Budapest's mesmerising atmosphere.

🌟 Why Volunteer in Budapest? 🌟 1️⃣ Immerse in Rich History: From the majestic Buda Castle to the magnificent Parliament building, Budapest is a treasure trove of historical wonders. Explore its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and delve into the captivating stories of the past. 2️⃣ Discover Cultural Gems: Budapest is renowned for its thriving arts and music scene. Uncover hidden galleries, visit vibrant street markets, and indulge in the city's culinary delights. Let Budapest's cultural diversity leave an indelible mark on your soul. 3️⃣ Forge Lasting Connections: Connect with fellow volunteers from around the world and build lifelong friendships. Together, you'll embark on exciting adventures, share unique experiences, and create memories that will stay with you forever. 4️⃣ Personal and Professional Growth: Volunteering offers invaluable opportunities for personal and professional development. Enhance your skills, gain hands-on experience, and broaden your horizons through our diverse range of volunteer projects. Our volunteers is going to be treated as our staff with all the respect and professionalism. We are very thankful for having a friendly team and we hope you can feel good with us :) So what are you waiting for? Join us!!


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Mi primera experiencia en un Voluntariado.
Muy buena! El hostel tiene buena ubicación, buena onda entre voluntarios. Es grande, cuenta con un sector para voluntarios separado del resto lo cual me pareció muy bueno.

10 dias atrás

Avenue respondeu

Dear Vanesa!

Thank you for your review about our hostel and your experience with us.
I wish you all the best in your future!

Best regards,
front Office Manager



I had an incredible time, enjoying myself, discovering, learning & my favorite part was never stopping meeting wonderful people.
The task are quite easy and clear, I never got tired or bored.
I’ll miss the whole staff , unique people who makes your stay excellent. How can I forget many times I went techno-dancing with Sebastian, good drinks at the bar with Norbi/Soma, the laughs Csilla made me laugh with her sense of humor, the cleaning ladies, the receptionists who are also great people & Tünde, you have a big heart.

A big hug, my best wishes to everyone and don’t doubt that I’ll be back!

2 meses atrás

Avenue respondeu

Dear Pablo!
Thank you for your feedback about our hostel, our staff members and cooperation with us.
Once you come to Budapest you are always welcome to stay with us or to make a visit a grab some coffee or smth stronger).
Hope to see you soon!



I stayed at the hostel for a week and had a great experience. The managers and volunteers were kind and welcoming. During my stay, I helped with housekeeping by making beds and keeping the common areas clean. The food was delicious, and the location was convenient with easy access to public transportation. The volunteer facilities were located on a different floor of the guest areas so you can have privacy and to disconnect during your free time.

If you have any questions about my experience, please don't hesitate to reach out to me :)

2 meses atrás

Avenue respondeu

Dear Gabriela!
Thank you for your feedback about our hostel. We are happy that you liked the hostel in general and what we provide for the volunteers.
Unfortunately our experience was too short.
Hope to see you in the hostel soon or later!



My experience at Avenue Hostel was so good! All the staff is very kind and making a volunteer there you can met a lot of people from everywhere. The hostel has many activities on days and nights and has all the utensils and disponibility to make your stay better.
Thank you so much to the managers and staff for give me the opportunity to volunteer and I hope see all of you soon.

3 meses atrás

Avenue respondeu

Dear Pablo!
Thank you for your feedback about our hostel and your cooperation with us.
Your flexibility and great skills to find communication with people helped us lot.
Hope to see you soon as well!



My experience in Avenue Hostel was amazing. I met incredible people and had so much fun. The work is simple and easy to learn and they respect what you previously agreed and are flexible about dates and hours if it’s needed.
I want to highlight Oleh, who was our manager and was always trying to make us feel as confortable as posible: with our accomodation, our working hours and the work environment.
I would love to come back some day, thanks for everything! :)

4 meses atrás

Avenue respondeu

Dear Chiara!
It was great time to work with you! Thank you for your great job, your eagerness to help on any position, your professional attitude to your responsibilities and your daily good mood!
Any time you come to Budapest - welcome! As a volunteer and as a friend!
Good Luck!

Oleh Podolyan
Front office Manager
Avenue Hostel

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