Balenbouche Estate

Balenbouche Estate is a beautiful secluded historic property which is not only a guesthouse and tourist attraction, but also a family home and a community. We have a great network of locals and visitors who love the peaceful, natural atmosphere of Balenbouche. Two beaches are on property and the South of St Lucia has the best attractions. Our volunteer accommodations and food are first class - you will receive a value of about US$ 200 per day.

Our volunteers are generally treated as part of the family and meals as well as work is often communal. However, you can also choose to prepare and/or eat your own meals, and work independently. Our team consists of my mother and myself, 3 housekeepers and 3 gardeners / general laborers. We also sometimes hire local builders, carpenters, electricians etc. We look forward to helping you get to know the island and people.

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