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We are a beautiful nature sanctuary and eco retreat on lush tropical north shore of Maui and we host ongoing private yoga retreats. This is a great opportunity for a cultural work exchange! Work on the land, meet people from around the world, to be of service, support to others on their healing journeys, as well as take part in Ceremonies, Classes & Retreats that our Temple offers.

We are a tropical organic farm/eco sanctuary on the beautiful lush north shore of Maui. We host ongoing small group retreats, Moon Ceremonies, Classes and Workshops. We also have a spa and beautiful meditation grounds. We have a cultural work exchange program and are looking for support staff to work on the land and support our programs. The scope of the work may include help with cleaning, landscaping, hosting, etc. This is NOT an internship for teaching yoga or other classes. We require a minimum of 1-month commitment (2 months preferred) with 25 hours per week. In exchange, we offer accommodations, meals, and classes. We host mainly women, but do host couples from time to time. 1. Gardening and landscaping 2. Housekeeping and Breakfast Prep 3. Handyman


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This was my second time Volunteering with Donny and Heather ✨ It was a very transformative expierence. I was entitled to all the sessions ( moon circle , yoga sound healing) and as I went through my own transformation I appreciated heathers great quality of holding space. I also appreciated the great communication skills both of my hosts - which gave me a safe space to have honest and vulnerable conversations . I felt seen and heard. At all times 💕
Great leadership ✨ I enjoyed the delicious meals & I am grateful to be seen and supported in being my true authentic self , thank you 💕

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Transformation, family, welcoming land, garden, community that’s how I describe my stay in Black Swan Temple. The place itself located in the jungle so get a car or be ready to higehike to get the places. The nature here is beautiful nature. Be ready to work physically though. It’s all going to pay back as you have an amazing healthy food.And the best part ever it’s an opportunity to attend a retreat! These classes are truly great! They are powerful and transformative. if you are ready to work with love and appreciation and you’ll be taken care by Heather and Donny and have forever friends.

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To be my first volunteer, it was a terrible experience. On repeated occasions I had to accept Heather's aggressive passive treatment towards me, being that she always complied with everything she asked me to do. I told her that on several occasions she made me feel bad and cry and I never received an apology; on the contrary, she preferred to deny the situation.
I would describe Heather as an abusive person, who takes advantage of others.
Furthermore, if you do not attend classes, it generates a certain resentment towards you and makes you notice it. I dont recommend

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Heather & Donny respondeu

Thank you Jose for your reflections. This was obviously not the best fit for you. We tried to accommodate you with all of your special requests and padding your hours. I think that you would have been much better off just staying at a hostel and traveling.



This was my first time and Heather and Donny made me feel right at home. The food was amazing and I would definitely go back. Thankyou

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That was best time ever !!!! Donny and Heather are my heroes and wonderful couple!!! Food , yoga and communication on high level!!! Very very recommended!! I healed my heart and my health 🤍🤤

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