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We are in an incredible place, an the hostel gives the opportunity to meet people from all over the world . Sharing is caring ! Why 140 characters ? Come and discover !

Like members of the family ! Depending of the bookings, hosting in the main house, or in the small house on the beach. Why 140 characters ? Come and discover !


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Llegué un Viernes en Ferry a las 20:30 h y me fui en el ferry de las 07:00 de la mañana del Sábado. No puedo dar datos ni de la esperiencia como voluntaria ni casi sobre casi nada, sencillamente me encontré en una situación que no consideré buena para mi



We were having a good time in the hostel, but sadly one day Tomas got crazy when a volunteer in a party kiss another man, no make sense his reaction and she drop away the girl, obviously all the others volunteers decided to go with the girl too, this wasn’t a mature reaction.


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Andres was very professional and good help. What happened, is that another volunteer (not him, somebody who came with another system that Worldpackers) behaved poorly in our public space. It was a behavior that I couldn't admit. I told the concerned volunteer that it was the end of her volunteering period, but it was more to make her think about the behavior expected, and I would have let her a second chance after a talk. But then this other volunteer immediately left with other volunteers (including Andres). I understand that volunteers who come there for a long period can have a private life, but it has to remain private and discreet


I've had a lovely time at Blue Canary, the hostel is a few mins away from a natural swimming pool, so you can have a dip whenever you want! Work hours were fair. Thomas was nice enough to show me around the island (you need a car to get around!), I've seen so many breathtaking landscapes, El Hierro is a piece of paradise :-)



El Hierro es una isla paradisíaca y todo lo que tiene que ver con ella te atrapa. Mi estadía en el hostel fue de un poco más de dos semanas y el anfitrión no estaba, por lo que fueron un poco más de responsabilidades de las dichas antes. De todas maneras, creo que ésto fue una excepción dado a que por problemas familiares Thomas había tenido que viajar. Si quieres ir a un lugar con poca gente, increíblemente natural y a un hostel al que se le puede aportar muchísimo, éste es tu lugar!



I spent a awesome time at Blue Canry Hostel. It's just perfect for everyone who is looking for silence, peace, and also knowing beautiful people (the guests who coming were amazing, crazy and funny people!). The work is easy and it depends on how much guests there's in the hostel. I never met Thomas because he was in travel, but his father Nicolas is a very nice man with a big heart (:


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