Cal Guerxo

In exchange of your help, you will have the opportunity to learn about regenerative architecture and principles of permaculture while enjoying the beautiful nature in the natural parks located near the house. The area is ideal for people that like outdoor activities. There are a lot of organizations and companies offering outdoor activities such as wildwater kayaking and rafting, mountain climbing and hiking and mountain biking. I am also offering forest bathing walks allowing you to learn about the healing power of walks though the forest.

Cal Guerxo is located in a small village. To get there, you need to take a train from Barcelona (3-hour train ride) to a nearby train station. I pick you up at the train station which is 15 minutes by car from the house. During your time off, you can enjoy walks in nature and explore the surroundings. This is a place for people that enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. There is a bus station near the house allowing you to go and visit some of the neigbouring towns. Detail about what we are looking for: We would agree on a working schedule of maximum 5 hours per day. Depending on preferences this could be mornings or afternoons. A drivers licence would be useful but is not a requirement. Some of the work involves rebuilding stone walled terraces in the garden which require some physical strength. Any building related skills such as maconery or carpentry would be useful but are not a prerequisite.

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