Cao Bo Homestay

Help us develop a beautiful project that relies on building opportunities for a local minority self sustainable village in the mountains of northern Vietnam. The place is simply gorgeous and the people are just amazingly welcoming. During your stay we will make sure that you discover the real life and traditions of Tay people (local minority) and show you the treasures that nature holds in Northern Vietnam. The main idea of the project is to develop the village in a very ecological way as to keep its authenticity to protect it from becoming a tourist resort. We already started an organic garden for the people of the village to enjoy but we still want to grow more of them in the village. We would like to host volunteers who share the same vision as us about the project to help us welcome tourists and promote the place as we are quite in the countryside and this part of Vietnam isn't touristic at all.

The project came to life when two people from very different horizons met each other. One had the desire to get away from an already drawn professional path and the other was seeking for a professional life that would suit her values. The homestay project was naturally thought in a village of his commune, Cao Bo, because of the affect he has for it. Which is a normal thing since the people in the village are actually members of his family. The beauty of what they build up here in the mountains and the hospitality they offered overwhelmed me the first time I came. Cécile, my former colleague and good friend, and I were offered a tea when we first arrived as a sign of welcoming. We then had lunch with the family after which we headed to the fields to help harvest the rice. By that time we realized how their everyday life is about living in the simplest way. The only income these people make relies on rice and corn culture. Beside that, the community is completely self sustainable; they produce their own electricity with hydraulic machines powered by streams that come down from the source of the mountain, use and recycle the water and feed the animals with leftovers of crops. I thought to myself I was a lucky person for discovering a culture and a country the way I did: in the most authentic way. And that’s what it’s all about; allowing travellers to experience a deep culture discovering while encouraging local development in the commune.

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