Casa Grande Hostel

We have a large hostel with lots of green space with plants trees and garden space. Here you can connect a lot with Nature, we are on the side of a small mountain range with lots of creeks streams and waterfalls close by. The hostel is a great atmosphere to meet new people and safe meals with other travels.

I like to have a safe that works hard but also knows how to have fun. by doing 4 sifts a week you cover your stay and breakfast. Once a week i like to take everyone on a excursion. <there is generally a fun energy in the hostel where everyone can feel comfortable. We a few dogs and cats that are also very friendly.

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El lugar es genial, tiene una buena ubicacion y la gente que hay aqui por lo general es muy buena genera
muy buen ambiente que se torna amigable y familiar, dificil de dejar...las horas de trabajo son relajadas, sin presiones y todo se desarrolla en un muy buen ambiente...

8 meses atrás


casa grande es un lugar soñado! lleno de gente copada y el lugar es increible! para recomendar una y mil veces

11 meses atrás


There are no words to express the Casa Grande energy, one of the best experiencies in my life. it is very beautyfull the way the things happens in Casa Grande, the staff and the animals are really really happy! Merlo is also a beautyfull city, full of travellers and hippie culture! Gratitude, to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing team and to share some of my energy!! One day i will come back !! Muchas gracias hermosos, nos vemos seguro :)

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