Space for anyone to be inspired, concentrate, work, and play in the countryside! Quiet and solitude – Yes. Total Isolation – No. Most human beings, about 90% of them, need a balance of solitude and people in order to be truly productive. And while you may need complete quiet while working on a particular project or a room with a view for your team pow-wow, you also need to unwind and speak to other people to keep those creative juices flowing. Certain elements, such as our ‘family style’ lunches and dinners will give you a chance to talk to others who are right there with you, getting away from it all, but working.

We all sit at the same table at Coconat - literally. We eat lunch and dinner together. You always have a chance to get to know fellow Coconauts and to meet our guests as well!

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This is my first volunteering experience and it has been the best so far! Everyone was so nice and friendly. They made me feel like home instantly. The place is very chill and so are the co-founders and co-workers. Julianne is especially accommodating and supportive. I only spent a month there but I had made some real connections with the people there and got so attached to the place which made leaving very hard for me. I would definitely go back in a blink of an eye.

7 dias atrás



Coconat is simply amazing! the Idea and concept of the place, the space itself, the kindness of people, being around Nature and have a place to work is awesome! I could balance the volunteer and my job routine and learn a little with each one who were there! Very open minded and flexible people on crew, thank so much, specially to Julianne and all the effort and love she has by her work!
I had a great time and Hope to come back sometime ♥️

8 dias atrás



It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Coconat is an amazing place to work and live. Staff is always friendly and helpful. I have love every day. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

20 dias atrás



In fact I'm still at Coconat and enjoying my stay. I made friends for life here, worked on my personal projects and also had good time playing music, dancing and cooking.
The schedule is flexible and Julianne is open to give the days that you need free if you ask with some antecedence. That made possible for me to travel while staying here.
The surrounding areas are calm and near small forests which are delightful to walk.
Bonus stars for our Christmas celebration.

22 dias atrás



Are you kidding me? Best volunteer ever! I had a very comfy bed in a warm and cozy room which I shared only with one roommate, nice co-working spaces for me to work on my computer and delicious veggie meals every day prepared by amazing chefs. I was on a digital nomad heaven lol I had the best time with the team and have no complaints (I mean, just one: even though the wifi is great in the whole property, even outdoors, on my bed the signal was very weak). But well, that was just one thing, I have other 99% good memories about Coconat that won't be affected by that at all. Tks for everything!

27 dias atrás

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