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We are a group of friends who live together in an experimental nomadic community project. We like to share our space and visions, improve and maintain our living space in sustainable ways and learn skills related to off-the grid and creative living. Our way of living is kind of nomadic, as we live in trailers and other movable houses. The terrain we live on is provided for by the city of Nijmegen on a temporary basis, this means we could be asked to move (and have been on 3 different terrains so far. This brings us interesting challenges and opportunities in which you could share!

We work together keep the terrain and the facilities clean, improve the terrain gardens and facilities, fix stuff and sometimes organize events related to culture and off the grid living. As our guest you can expect a relatively quiet and inspirational space in which you can develop yourself and your own projects and interests. In return we ask you to help maintain the place by cleaning\watering the plants etc., lending a hand at events and building projects and cook for the group at least once a week. This is not a heavy workload, so we highly recommend to come with an independent mindset. We welcome initiatives from guests to improve the place, or guests who like to share skills, art and knowledge as well as guests who like to use the place to develop their own projects in our space.


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This was my first worldpacker experience and I absolutely loved it. The place is amazing and the people are very welcoming. You can practice your Dutch, learn a lot about the day to day life of an intentional community, work with events, learn about sustainability and there is even a room with music instruments which you can kindly ask to use. But although the physical space is great, what makes it a truly memorable place is the people that live there. I got sick and and everyone was very helpful, making sure I was comfortable, making me food and taking me to the pharmacy. I will come back 🥰

9 meses atrás



My experience at the Stadsnomaden has been absolutely fantastic!! All the people where great and have an aura of love, kidness and chillness radiating around them. Everyone does their best to make you feel at home, they're very chill in the "jobs" you have to do, which is basically helping out with basic things or cooking once in a few days. The evenings are filled with music and laughter and I can say I am already looking forward to reuniting with my new brothers and sisters next year!!

Thankyou everyone, I had a wonderfull experience!

10 meses atrás



The time I had at Stads nomaden was great.
I arrived at a verry chill time, so I was mostly cooking/cleaning in a couze kitchen.
But later there was gardening, carpentry, event build up.
Most fun was when I got to know other travelers from around and learn lite bit more Spanish.

11 meses atrás



All the people who live in StadsNomaden are very friendly and welcoming. They are always willing to listen to you and help you with whatever you need. They are calm and respectful people. Our work consisted of: improving parts of the garden, redoing a long path, preparing lunch or dinner, etc. We spend good times sharing meals, playing music, talking... They are people with a big heart. Unfortunately, we had to leave earlier than planned but they understood and we reached an agreement. We hope to return one day to this special place. Thank you for the time shared!

11 meses atrás



This place is great, they all are very sharing and welcoming. You'll get to meet a lot of people and have many good talks and experiences. There's always something going on at the Stadsnomaden! We made friends and learnt a lot about this village, the area is lovely.

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