ECOVENTURE is a 79 acre, volunteer-based community Farm/Art facility promoting community, farmers, sustainability, holistic & natural living. It is located in an active retirement community where visitors are in contact with nature, animals (cows, horses, donkeys, alpacas, goats, chicken, sheep, turkeys, peacocks, parakeets) and so much more! Plenty of room for nature & meditative walks. There is a lot to explore in nearby cities as well like many lakes. We welcome eco enthusiasts to leave their "signature/talent" on the land for visitors to enjoy. Let us know if you'd like to host your own workshops, start your own garden, love our animals, experiment with natural building or set up a booth at our community market.

We are a retired married couple from the Caribbean. We will do our best to make volunteers feel happy and welcome. Our mission is to sow seeds of harmony for communities and families through food and art.

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