Exchange program for youth empowerment and connection

MAMA CENTRE OGRANIZATION is a non-governmental organization which provides educational opportunity to young boys and girls aged 6-14 years and other youths , from socially and economically disadvantaged communities of Tanzania, who, have no access to schooling due to poor livelihood and negative traditions and cultural practices that affect girls who have completed their education but have failed to excel to higher levels. Our aim is to break the cycle of illiteracy from such communities are mired in, Exchanging programs youth empowerment, Helping the uneducated members of the community to access their dreams and ambitions. MAMA CENTRE OGRANIZATION runs its activities through local community Learning Day care Center where small children are being taught and taken care of, where they get meaningful and stimulating education and are guided to their entry into formal schooling but also improve the disadvantaged groups economically by providing them with entrepreneurship skills. OUR VISION To improve the quality of education and combat illiteracy and poverty but also creating another chance for those youth who had instances of early school leaving. Promoting awareness-raising campaigns to foster dialogues, social interactions and cultural exchange among the local and international peer groups

we also experience the first service we have but the hospital is not a 5 minute walk away All volunteers will stay at Omary's home where the project operates, Omary stays with his mom and young brothers and sister and he is the one help the whole family

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