Experiencing Puer Tea Processing in RedDao "Capital"

• Opportunities to discover lot of fantastic mountain scenery over the whole area, practice indigenous knowledge of hill-tribes.
• Experience tea processing in mountainous of Baiyue tribes where tea is grow "wild" and is harvested by the local people, then bring unique tea gifts back your home
• Learning about tea sector, it may good for a startup business when back home (why not!)
• Help with social impacts of local enterprise and bring back your home with many unique tea gifts for free!
• Become member of Baiyue Tea club and seasonal tea receiving when you back home
• Experience the mountainous of Baiyue tribes where tea is grown "wild" and is harvested by the local people, explore and contribute to the social impact for hill tribes

Our region is considered as homeland of snow shan tea where the tea plant has its origins. In here, there are still many mountains where tea grows "wild" and is harvested and owned by the Red Yao, Tay, H'mong , Clao, La Chi, Nung people, the people is belong to Baiyue tribes. These people live in small and peaceful villages in the upper mountains; harvest and produce their precious tea from generation to generation.
Our social enterprise is for the collaboration of open-minded individuals, groups in pursuit of the the truth and fascinating facts about the Baiyue tribes who hold numbers of wisdom indigenous knowledge through tea and unique Social customs
Our mission is to inspire tea lovers to become advocates for our planet’s natural resources, cultural treasures, and local communities through wild ancient tea mountain of Baiyue tribes. We tackle the deep-rooted issues and some of the most complex challenges that both our tribes and tea lovers on worldwide are facing through established the partnership between stakeholders.
We partner with ethical, responsible organizations to protect the ancient shan tea trees of Baiyue tribes that make our world so inspiring through the Tea Club.
We design experiencing program that allow you an authentic, meaningful, and inspiring experience. Over the course of your experiencing, you may be asked to take part in a variety of tasks according to the needs of the season. Generally, you will be expected to be able to work independently on components of tasks below:
Improve the capacity for farmers in ancient Snow Shan tea villages by introducing livelihood models base their indigenous knowledge, include tea, develop these diversified livelihoods models
Enhance knowledge on the role of ancient Snow Shan tea trees for the income and food security of hill tribes, reduces poverty and increases resilience to the expected impact of climate change.
Focus on building entrepreneurial capacities of local youth to exploit business opportunities, empowering them to start up local businesses and work off their own skill sets.
Take part in our program, you will have opportunities to discover lot of fantastic mountain scenery over the whole area, practicing in indigenous knowledge of hill-tribes. Moreover, you have been drawn to this program for more varied reasons: it is not only to learn skills in tea but also they can start a business back home (why not!)
Typical day
Typical day description: Typically, you will work eight hours a day, four days a week. Work will generally be Monday through Thursday, from 8:00AM until 5:00PM.
7:00 AM: Breakfast + Morning wakeup tea drinking
8:00 AM - 11.30AM: Group working + Energy tea drinking
11:30 AM-13:00: Lunch time + Fermented tea drinking (for digestive)
13:00 - 17:00 : Group working + Energy tea drinking
17:00 - 22:00: Dinner and rest time + Tea party (option teas)
Depending on the specialty of your skill set, this will likely involve working in house ( documenting: texts, photos, audio-visual content: tea products of Baiyue tribes in your language, improving/updating our social media page, brochure, etc., blogging about tea and Baiyue culture, Research and contact relevant online media outlets such as blogs, podcasts and magazines ) or at a similar designated space (work with local tea start-up, local tea youtubers ). At times, you may be asked to help with physical labor, including but not limited to tea picking, make fermented tea products (Bamboo Tube Roasted tea, Puerh Tea Cakes, Peony tea, White tea, Red tea, etc.), make traditional paper from bamboo, straw. cooking, help with events for visitors and field education workshops for local youth, etc.
Please be prepared for the level of fitness this work requires and have appropriate clothing available for such work conditions. Also note that, depending on the season, it can be hot, humid, and buggy.
Note that: WE DON'T WORK OUTSIDE IN RAINY DAY: There is a dizzying mix of weather here, some time it is rain for a halt of month, We are belong to citizen of Yin & Yang philosophical concept, Therefore we believe that working in the rain can cause slippery surfaces and limited visibility, but also affected with rheumatism disease.

We are an official social enterprise located in the north of Vietnam which is established under Vietnam Enterprise Law and operate as a commercial organization but must commit to investing at least 51% of annual profit in registered social or environmental goals. Our team is made up of locals in order to provide to our participants with the best experiencing through our shared experience. All volunteers will live in dormitory with well equipped furniture, wifi, clean toilet, hot water (by wood fire boiling). Locals and volunteers will prepare lunch and dinner daily with meat and vegetarian options. - Meals: We provide three meals per day (Meals for vegetarians vs vegans is available). -Food: Local foods in seasonal: Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and this is due in part to a balance of nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals, and water., f I were to use one word to describe our traditional food, it would be “balance”. Balance is important in different aspects of its food like taste, nutrients, and presentation, and it does so by paying attention to five elements per aspect. You will be noticed this Yin and Yang in Vietnamese food when you here - Drinking: With many different kinds of Tea. We drink filter water not very often. We drink tea everyday, any time of the day with green tea, fresh leaves tea and for no specific reason. Drinking tea is a custom in our culture, called "Tea To Talk". The art of tea drinking in Việt Nam is simple but elegant, with features that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. Drinking tea is a daily habit of Vietnamese, we must start a new day with some cups of tea in the morning to get more power for the whole day. But bottles of filter water will be available if you require! - Herbal bath: Restoratives are used to recuperate from illness, increase their appetite and build their resistance to disease. Local people are also very famous for their herbal bath. Drinking restoratives and having a herbal bath helps pregnant women recuperate after giving birth. The ingredients for medicines are plentiful within their natural environment and there is a great variety, including herbs in the forest Participants can join our program throughout the year, we always manage to work with four tea seasons per year and sustainable livelihood jobs with smallholder tea farmers. All participants must attend 3 orientation days about local culture, human and activities of program, the orientation days will be hold on Monday, Tue, Wed of the first and Third weeks of every months, therefore you need to arrive on these time. Education Requirements Any subject at University level Other Skills -Fluently in English -Strong inter-personal skills, and experiences in working with a wide variety of people, cultural sensitivity, - Aware that the tolerance has been proposed as a necessary response to the global rise in cultural and religious diversity. -To be responsible and be disciplined.


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I lived in the tea house for a bit more than 3weeks and I had an amazing experience I met amazing local people always ready to share with you what their knowledge about tea production. I was immersed in the local life and I learned a lot about the hard work around tea production and about the importance to listen these people,
Thank you especially to Benal who bring me into her family and who became a friend for me,
Best regards

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Had the best experience, Mr.Son was amazing and really made my stay such a memorable experience. Loved going to the mountains to pick tea and swimming with the waterfalls and the food was super yummy. Had amazing interactions with local people who opened my eyes to new perspectives and ofc the tea itself is phenomenal.

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I had a great experience at Mr. Tri Shan Tea House. He is very kind and generous man. He has a helpful attitude, and assists me every time i needed.
The job was easy and fun. The kids are really sweet and all the staf always made me feel like home.
Also I got to know some amazing places!
Thank you very much for all! I will miss you so much and I hope I can came back someday.

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My stay with Mr.Tri Shan&the tea house could not have been better. The work he does&the local people that work&live at the house are all amazing. Fully recommend it!Such fun, admirable, friendly and remarkable people.We learnt about the process and tradition of tea&taught English to local adults&children. Accommodation is good,food AMAZING(the9$Is fair)The work you do is chilled out with room for own ideas.Beautiful scenery,location&excursions!Thanks Mr.Tri Shan&everyone,for the dancing,laughs&connection!You will always have a special place in my heart.Life is a gift, experience is the beauty!

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Shan e os estudantes são muito legais. A casa e o lugar também são muito bonitos. Porém eu esperava mais do projeto. Eu escolhi a tea house esperando trabalhar na plantação e aprender sobre chá e nesses 8 dias eu não trabalhei na plantação nenhum dia. Acabei saindo antes do planejado pois não achei que minha atuação como voluntária estava sendo relevante ou necessária. A comida não é vegetariana, como eles dizem e pra mim foi difícil comer as poucas opções que restavam.
Se você quer um tempo pra descansar, o projeto pode ser uma boa opção. Mas se quiser de fato trabalhar, eu não recomendo.

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Shan respondeu

You have false spoken statement about us. You hould not do like that with others

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