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We offer a wonderful experience of getting immersed in a Romanian lifestyle. We currently have a great team of people from 3 different countries working full-time with us (from Romania, Brazil and USA). Most of them started as volunteers. We love receiving people from all around the world and providing them an amazing transcultural experience.

We consider ourselves a big family. We try our best to make everyone that comes and volunteers with us to feel like home. For us, the most important thing is to create an environment where the kids feel loved and cared for.

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The hole experience was amazing, since day one i felt very welcomed! The staff and kids are so so sweet, i’d love to come back!

7 dias atrás



My experience as a volunteer was amazing. From the beginning, I felt at home with Junior, Clarissa, and Vini. The warmth and connection with the children were unforgettable. Tasks were simple, schedules adhered to, and plenty of free time. The accommodation was comfortable, the meals excellent. I practiced English, learned about new cultures, and made lifelong connections. Surrounded by natural beauty, the city made the experience even better. I found a new family and a place I now call home. Grateful for the opportunity, I encourage others to participate.

14 dias atrás



Since the beginning I felt welcomed from every member of the staff: Junior and Clarissa really know how to make you feel comfortable about your tasks, without forcing anything. It comes really natural to settle in, and the people I met there are simply wonderful. I had plenty of free time and a quiet place where I could study, but when you're there you'll just want to stay with people! I highly recommend this experience if you are looking for a place that feels like home, but I also recommend a long stay if you want to create a bond with the kids because that takes time - as is natural.

21 dias atrás



Being a volunteer at Finding Hope community is a true blessing. 🙌 Everything is done with a lot of joy and love! You feel at home, loved and cared for. You learn about yourself and reflect on your life through this experience.
Thank you so much!
May God continue to bless you and the kids🙏
I'm sure that I will be back one day ❤️

23 dias atrás



Finding Hope really became family and home to me.
I could not have asked for a better fist experience. Since the first day, I felt comfortable and in peace there. Everybody is super welcoming and respectful.
The staff is amazing, they don’t treat you like you are less important, they attend to your needs and always respect the schedules.
For me, it was a life changing experience and I will come back. I miss the place, the people and the life there already.
Thank you so much for the amazing month there ❤️

26 dias atrás

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