Come to Central California and Help Fight World Hunger. We are a non-profit organization that processes and ships food to approximately 100 impoverished nations. We need more volunteers. We are open most of the year, have a variety of jobs and are flexible regarding the length of your stay. We have plenty of great food, comfortable accommodations, a public computer, free Wi-Fi and a swimming pool. For your labor, you get free room and board during your stay. We are located near Sequoia National Park, home of the largest trees on earth. Sometimes on weekends, our volunteers visit Sequoia National Park or Yosemite National Park. We provide free transportation to and from the local greyhound/Amtrak stations. Please email me only if you have specific dates in mind, and that you are pretty certain you will come. I can then check for availability. I try to respond to every email, but if, for some reason I don't reply, it means all the beds are taken, and we cannot accommodate you. .

We love backpackers and treat them very well. Check out the following reviews: I spent three weeks here in October. From first week I loved here, because staff were friendly. I had awesome time during three weeks stay there, I met so many nice people and made so much friends would be last forever. -Terry (Japan) This mission base is such a blessed place! They made me feel home and became my Californian family... so I miss them every single day since I left. You, guys, rock!!! Food is delicious, be ready to put on weight. "Attitude is everything there, come volunteer and pick a good one!!!” –Svetlana (Russia) I spent 3 nice weeks there; this is a very good place to be. -Stephane (France) I cannot say enough good things about this placement. I can guarantee that if you take this placement you will not regret it -Ed (UK) WOW! This is such an incredible place. I have just had a fantastic 3 weeks here and can only wish to have stayed longer.” -Alice (Australia) Well, working here was one of my highlights during my stay in the US.-Johannes (Germany) I stayed for the full time of three weeks and I actually wished that I could stay for longer. And I must agree with everyone else, the food is truly fantastic! - Richard (Sweden) To anyone that gets the opportunity to stay with this host I can only say one thing: do it! You will fall in love with it all! - Fredrika (Australia) I spent three weeks volunteering at this place and loved it! -Andrea (Mexico) I just finished my 3 weeks stay and it has been more than great. There are different people coming each week all with big hearts, volunteering their time to do good deeds. It has always been a pleasure and great food as well! I can only think of the nicest things to say about this place. Highly recommended. -Qingqing (China) It is quite difficult to put into a few sentences the quality of the fantastic weeks I spent here. The accommodation is first class. You’ll get plentiful of great food. -Nicolas (France) The food is awesome and is just one of the reasons to go and visit here, along with the friends you will make, and the overall experience. – Lana (UK) Before I came here, I was on the road for 6 months. Initially, I planned to stay for one week, but I've had so much fun that I've stayed longer. It's been the greatest month out of my entire trip!- Joseph (UK) I'm a little bit late in writing this, but that does not diminish the memory of the wonderful experience I had here! The people here were some of the most welcoming and friendly people I've ever met. The food here is outstanding and abundant and the company is wonderful. I've made some good friends -Eliya (UK) 4 Months ago I had the experience of a lifetime!! I met some of the most amazing people, experienced an environment of unconditional love and acceptance and got to eat a lot of great food! My time here was one of the best times I have had in my 5 months travelling. Thank you for everything I hope to be able to return one day soon! -Chantal (Canada) I dare you to find a place like that! Just come and be willing to help them. They deserve that!!!- Luiz (Brazil) I stayed 2 weeks here and it was a fabulous experience! People there adopt me and the others, especially Rod, who took us often to eat tacos and for a lot of other interesting stuff! -Lucile (France) I don’t know where to start to express how amazing and unique this place is. First, the accommodation is very luxurious: food, bed, room…everything is perfect. Finally this place is defiantly a concentration of peace, happiness and faith. The people are awesome, I definitely recommend this place. I will never forget my stay and definitely already missing this place so much.-Claire-marie (France) I don't need wait until my last day to say that is a blessed place, full of lovely people, and where I could feel like I were at home since my first day here. I still have 5 days left but I'm already missing everyone. I would like to thank you not only for having me here, but also thank you for feeding, quilting and changing the life of thousands of people who are in need around the world.-Renan (Brazil) I spent two weeks, and I only have to say... thank you for all!!!... The people are really good, glad, and helpful; and I really enjoy and have fun with everybody. It is like to being in a big family... so I will go back whenever I come back to the states... sure!! Thank you very much and big kiss from Nago!!! –Nago (Spain) Thank you for a lovely stay and such a warm welcome. The experience here will be very hard to top, but I will take the memories, some new direction and keep the friends I hope. Hope to visit again! -Shelly (Australia) I spent 3 weeks here and had a wonderful time! I met so many nice people and learned quite a lot of things. Thank you to all the great people for making my time here so memorable. -Angelika (Germany) This place is magical, so many awesome memories. I will never forget my time spent here and the amazing friends I made. Thank you. I want to wish you all the best for Peach season. Missing you all, take care.-Eleanor (Ireland) It was an amazing experience with all the team here. People are so warm, open-minded, funny and a lot of things. I learned a lot of things with awesome people. I really enjoyed my stay here. But the word “enjoy” is not enough to describe this experience. I ate the best meal in the world! Everyone greeted me warmly. Everyone here is special and different, but everyone is respected and loved. I hope to come back to see you guys. -Sarah (France)

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Great experience. I met too many people from different countries and places. Easy jobs, nice foods, nice place, people always says THANKS for every thing. I loved it

1 mês atrás


It was a amazing experience at Gleanings. I made new friends, the staff was kind, the food was great and I could help in different ways. It is good to find people of different ages, from different parts of the world and with different religious backgrounds working for people in need. I hope to come back in the future.

6 meses atrás


Minha experiência no host foi melhor do que eu esperava, me senti em casa, e fui muito bem acolhida durante os 16 dias em que fiquei lá. De segunda a sexta eu ajudava o pessoal com os trabalhados da comunidade, que são bem simples, e o final de semana era livre. Neste meio tempo conheci pessoas maravilhosas e um projeto encantador, que faz diferença na vida das pessoas, e isso é muito gratificante. Além disso pude melhorar o nível do meu inglês, aprendi palavras e expressões novas. Foi uma experiência enriquecedora. Com certeza irei voltar um dia <3.

8 meses atrás


The host is an amazing experience! You can have fun while help, make new friends and eat a lot! The staff are such a great people! Rooms very comfortable. Rod is definitely the backpacker’s father!

9 meses atrás


The host is a wonderful place to stay. This was my first experience as a backpacker and it was awesome!
At the host you'll find the kindest people on Earth. Food was more than enough and excellent, it blows my mind.
Hours of working are somehow long and exhausting but knowing that you're doing it for the people in need makes it all better.
Rod and Henrijs are the coolest guys. They treat backpackers like family and they spoil you like if you were their son. You have the opportunity to meet backpackers from all over the world.
You won't regret staying in this host.

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