Hacienda Mateo

Welcome to Paradise!

OUR FARM- The farm is 400m high in the Amazon Rainforest, in the foothills of the Andes, surrounded by wild jungle & other village farms. We have been here for 10 years. We are far away from the city and enjoy fresh air, and tranquility. A great place for star gazing! There are many rare birds, butterflies and wild animals in the surrounding jungle.
We practice organic farming. We have a tree nursery and reforestation project, some (stingless) bee keeping and chickens. We produce coconut oil (not every week) and natural products, soap, insect repellent, etc here as well.
We make woven products from platano trees, ceramics plates, cups, and bowls etc.
We have been here for over 10 years. In that time natural healing methods have always been important to us. We have met many natural healers, and have discovered a way of eating and drinking that has made remarkable improvements in our quality of life, and many others as well. If you are interested, we can share this with you while you are here.

We try to provide a warm communal environment for our volunteers, where you can have memorable experiences.
You will have one of two shared rooms, 3 meals a day which is a collaborative affair in the kitchen. Most volunteers really enjoy cooking and eating together. Working hours are only 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. On your time off, there is 1000 meters of riverfront with cascades where you can sunbathe, wild swim etc, and great hiking right on the property as well as other natural wonders close by. Stay in shape with our daily group wourkouts. If you are interested, we may even arrange for you to help teach English at a local native high-school, in your free time. We often make a trip into the city usually on the week-end. We can plan some trips to the local natural attractions here in the Amazon, and check out the night-life for whoever is up for it. Whatever, your preference is I'm sure we can point you in the right direction.
We are currently developing an Ecological community housing project. You may be able to help with tree planting, tree nursery, gardening, coconut oil production, construction, etc. Just ask us what tasks are most likely to be ongoing during your time here. It's not very rigid, so you can participate in the activities you are more interested in.
We have a really wide variety of things to do. We're not just looking for helpers but also people to share this beautiful place and experience with. We have an incredible river with cascades on the property that we are developing as one of our main tourist attractions. We are currently building a Hostel, coming soon!
I'm a native english speaker from Canada, and all our workers are local Peruvians, almost all volunteers speak decent enough English and Spanish so you will experience the best of both worlds.
If you want to see everything from the Amazon jungle, eco-construction, deeper cultural interactions with the locals, to producing coconut oil you came to the right place. Ask us and we can let you know which activities should be possible during the time you are here.

See our instagram: blackjaguarhostel
Coming soon!

Disclaimer: We have travelers from all over the world. Naturally the language that almost everyone will have in common is english. If you can't understand or speak English you may feel left out at times.

Hacienda Mateo is a very small operation.
We are located in an isolated rural community.
It is very dificult to get things done here.
Everything we have achieved in over 10 years, involved being very adaptive to the local culture and environment. We take every day as it comes. Tasks on any given day is dependent on the weather, who shows up for work, and priorities on that day.
If you need an organized stay, with your days planned well in advance then we are not for you.
Our workers have responsibilities towards their own farms, and often don't show up when scheduled.
Technicians often don't repair things correctly, or on time.
This is why we have learned to adapt to the reality here in the rural Amazon.

There is no malaria or yellow fever here at Hacienda Mateo or in this entire Province and Region.

We are located 30 minutes past the city if Lamas, in San Martin Peru. Lamas is 25 minutes outside of Tarapoto.

To get from Lima to Tarapoto by air, we would recommend Star Peru ( https://starperu.com/es ) The flight is 55 minutes.

By bus we would recommend Movil Tours (https://www.movilbus.pe/). They are the largest bus operator in Peru and have new and clean buses. The ride should be about 28 hours.
We will give you clear instructions on getting here from Tarapoto, the biggest city in the region less than an hour away from our farm.

Our volunteers are diverse, from all over the world who usually have English and some Spanish as a common language. We usually have groups of 6 to 8 volunteers who get to know eachother personally, forming strong connections. Oftentimes future travel partners are met here.
We are located in an isolated rural Amazonian community.
Transpotation to and from here needs to be planned and coordinated in advance.

Feel free to ask me about anything. I check my Worldpackers inbox daily.

Take care,

I am a native english speaker from Canada, and I've been living here in Peru for several years. All our workers are local Peruvians so you will experience the best of both worlds. Everyone that comes should expect to be treated as a welcomed member of the family.


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Mi experiencia en Hacienda Mateo fue buena. No fue lo que esperaba la verdad, pero no estuvo mal. El lugar es muy lindo y se podrían hacer un millón de cosas, pero falta organización para las actividades y responsabilidad del anfitrión para llevarlas a cabo.
Y algo que si voy a destacar es que si no hablas inglés no es un lugar para ir.

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Thomas respondeu

This is the second time I've had a native Spanish speaker very disappointed because they can't speak English well. I clearly explained to Mailen before agreeing to come here that we host volunteers from all around the world. I explained that naturally the language that almost everyone will have in common is english, and that she may get lucky and find some volunteers with decent Spanish. The result can be feeling isolated if you can't communicate well with others. We have had other volunteers with less ability to communicate, that made the best of things and had a great time.
I always spoke to Mailen in Spanish and translated things to Spanish when I could.

As I explain to everyone before agreeing to come here, we are a very small operation with a lot going on and not as organized and predictable as many would like, yet so much to offer that the others don't.

Esta es la segunda vez que tenemos un voluntario que fue muy decepcionado porque no habla bien inglés. Antes de aceptar venir aquí, le expliqué claramente a Mailen que recibimos voluntarios de todo el mundo. Le expliqué que naturalmente el idioma que casi todos tendrán en común es el inglés, y que tal vez tenga suerte y encuentre algunos voluntarios con un español decente. El resultado puede ser sentirse aislado si no puede comunicarse bien con los demás. Hemos tenido otros voluntarios con menos capacidad de comunicación, que sacaron lo mejor de las cosas y se lo pasaron muy bien.
Siempre hablé con Mailen en español y traducido cosas al español cuando podía.

Como les explico a todos antes de aceptar venir aquí, somos una operación muy pequeña con muchas actividades distintas y no tan organizadas y predecibles como a muchos les gustaría, pero aún así tenemos mucho que ofrecer que los demás no tengan.



Estar en la hacienda fue de las mejores experiencias que he tenido. Es muy fácil conocer gente de todo el mundo. Hicimos un grupo muy lindo con el que seguimos viajando. El sitio es de sueño y te adentras al 100% en la naturaleza. Fue como estar en familia y Thomas se encarga de que sea así organizando planes juntos y comiendo juntos todos los días. Igual se podrian hacer tareas distintas, a veces era un poco monótono, así como la organización se podría mejorar, pero si te gusta la naturaleza y vivir en el Amazonas, esta experiencia es 100% recomendable. Gracias Thomas!

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Ha sido una experiencia gratificante donde hemos conocido a mucha gente y con algunos de ellos hemos seguido viajando. La Hacienda te da un lugar en medio de la naturaleza donde puedes gozar de vivir rodeado de la fauna y flora del Amazonas. Thomas es una persona muy agradable que invita a hacer planes conjuntos todos los fines de semana y colabora en crear un clima familiar entre todos los voluntarios. La única cosa a comentar sería que a veces falta organización en las labores. Por todo lo demás es una experiencia 100% recomendable.

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We really enjoyed this experience! We were 16 volunteers and a small community was created that worked very well. The tasks were varied and we had the freedom to choose what we wanted to do (from construction, to planting and cloning trees, to cleaning and cooking). There was a lot of variety of food and in good quantities! In our free moments we could go to the river (5 minutes walk), take tours in the jungle, go to Huapo (local community) and much more...

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Reino Unido


This was my first experience with Worldpackers and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was warmly welcomed by Thomas (and Zeus 🐶) who I both got along with very well.

During the time Thomas has spent in the jungle, he has constructed something pretty incredible; both the hostel & several other projects, but also the vibe which comes with staying at Hacienda Mateo.

The contract is followed rigidly, and Thomas never expects anything more than you agreed on. We also usually went down to the river to cool off after a very warm day!

5 ⭐️ Thank you, Thomas 💪

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