Hyeupjae Guest house

We are Hyeupjae Geusthouse in Jeju Island, a world famous tourist spot in Korea. We are located on the most beautiful beach, Hyeupjae beach on Jeju island. One of the strengths we have is the fact that we always have at least 6 Korean young people staying with us through our work exchange program. Therefore you will always have friends to travel and hang out with so you will not be bored. Korea may not be the cheapest country to travel in compared to other Asian countries, so our program will be very suitable for backpacker travelling at low budget as we provide food and accommodation for free. You may or may not be the first overseas traveler working here but we definitely expect more to come! Instead of simply just providing food and accommodation, we also provide you with an environment where you can easily hang with other travelers.

I have traveled more than 100 countries all over the world since the year 1996 and hence have had lots of different experiences. I have experienced the WWOOF program in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and around Europe, and also experienced the KIBBUTZ program in Israel. I have made the WWOOF program in Korea and settled it here in the year 1997, and now I am operating a guesthouse in Jeju Island. Throughout the last nine years various people with various characteristics, age, and ethnicity have stayed in our guesthouse doing such programs similar to the ones stated above. I wish this work exchange program benefits both of us, us by your abilities and you by our supply of food and accommodation. I wish that our guesthouse will become a place where young people from all over the world can gather together and make lots of memories.

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