Julia Rumm

We are a young family (my husband, my 2 year old son and I) who live on an Island in the Caribbean of Honduras, we have a property of almost two acres. We run a small bed and breakfast. Whe don’t have many neighbors, but the few we have are wonderful, we are five minutes from the beach and if you like nature, we have lots of flora and fauna around us. Our house is 100% on solar energy and we are very committed to the environment. On Our island there are no roads only one road in the other side you can only move by boat or walking if you would like to go to a nearby town. The dominant language spoken on the island is English, followed by Spanish. Our bed and breakfast is small business. This is our low season (no tourism) and we want to share our beautiful island with people who want to come and help us in our home. We are very flexible and easy going family and at home we have a lot to do (garden, house maintenance, taking care of my son, recycling projects and many other things). We have a nice room with kitchen, dinner room and bathroom. Roland my husband is of German nationality, is a cabinetmaker and a professional bird guide and many times he finds himself giving a tour and it is impossible for me to do everything alone, any help would be very useful. I am from Guatemala and I am a Veterinarian, but at the moment I’m not working. Santiago is our 2 years toddler who is learning three languages (English, German and Spanish), if you want you can teach me German too and we can help you learning other language if you want.

Help with our house, garden, taking care of our child, with small projects of construction and painting. We need proactive and happy Friend. In our rainy season we do not have too many guest, it is only us and our pets. I have always wanted to plant and learn about permaculture but I do not have the knowledge to make it work in the Caribbean weather and what I have sown has been eaten by iguanas or insects, I would like help to achieve this dream. We need help with our web page and marketing ideas. If you know how to help us it would be wonderful, because this is a unknown island and we do not have to much tourism. The garden needs a serious help, we have a lot of work but we don’t have time to make it more beautiful.

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