Koningsteen Center

We have built a beautiful three bedroom guest house on the domain where you will have your private room, a shared living room, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We also provide WIFI at the guesthouse.

Our volunteers our at the heart of our non-profit organization. As part of our team, you will gain different kinds of work experience that are both practical and rewarding. We offer many opportunities supporting our seminar and retreat activities at our centre, such as the upkeep of our beautiful castle grounds, maintaining our organic vegetable gardens and preparing delicious vegan organic meals for our seminar and residential guests.

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Koningsteen is a beautiful place surrounded by nature. The sound of the birds is incredible. I was very well received by everyone, the tasks are simple - they just demand care, and there's enough free time to visit other cities, if you want it. Monique is a lovely woman and you can see her beautiful soul in every detail of the place.




This was my first volunteering experience, which brought me much more than I could ever have expected. It feels magical, as you slowly get emersed in the daily tasks, create deep connections with your colleagues and share each others experiences in the most welcoming and family-like environment one could possibly hope for. Despite your current situation or who you are, here you can feel free to search and discover or improve, whatever your cureent goals are.
The team is very communicative and helpful, always making sure that everyone is feeling okay.

Much Love!! :)


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Fran, Patri, and Dieter made me feel welcome the moment I came. The surrounding nature, with birds, bunnies and tons of trees was a perfect setting to do some soul searching. I made incredible connections with the people volunteering there and those that work there. The work isn't hard, but it's important to do it with a smile and care. Thank you so much for creating an environment where I can be myself and have time to do interwork on my next phase of life.




It is impossible to describe the experience I've had there in just 600 characters. It was absolutely amazing to be part of Koningsteen. This is the perfect place if you're looking for:
-a place that feels like home
-personal growth
-a big family to share your life
This is more than just tasks and shifts, this is a place that it's going to teach you a lot about yourself. This is what the word 'volunteer' really means.

Thank you for all the love! I'm already missing everyone.
Los quiero mucho!!!




I have no words to describe this place. It has been my first volunteer and I am sure it will be the best experience I could have had. A paradise, friendly and warm people. Everything is done with love, Dieter makes this place work perfectly with his mother. Each chef has a unique personality. You get to this place and you don't want to leave, all you have to do is work with love, worry about the details, give yourself. Take advantage every day because time here is nothing, I have 2 months and I would stay forever, a place to grow, learn, dream, cry, heal and create. Thanks for this experience


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